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Who’s putting income down for a Tesla Semi?

Last week, The Wall Street Journal reported that Walmart, JB Hunt Transportation Services, and Ryder System Inc. had placed deposits to haven the first Tesla Semis. On Tuesday, German shipping company DHL announced that it, too, would place reservation deposits with Tesla for 10 trucks. This week, the WSJ also reported that reservation deposits for the Semi had jumped from $5,000 to $20,000.

The companies will be early adopters of the all-electric lorry that Tesla announced in mid-November. On paper, the specifications for the Semi seem impressive—just last week, Tesla posted “expected prices” that exceeded expectations. The company seems to be targeting $150,000 for a lorry with a 300-mile operation and $180,000 for a lorry with a 500-mile range, with both trucks due out in 2019. That said, those prices can change, and Tesla doesn’t have a good lane record with assembly deadlines.

We also should remember that the specs/lineup of products can change, too. When the Powerwall was announced in 2015, Telsa offering a “backup battery” at 10kWh and a “daily cycle” battery at 7kWh. But the 10kWh battery was separated shortly after the company started delivering its batteries.

At any rate, a series of shipping companies are signaling their eagerness to test out the lorry when it rolls off the prolongation line. Walmart, which has committed to expelling a gigaton of emissions from its supply sequence by 2030, systematic 5 Tesla electric Semis for its US swift and 10 for its Canadian fleet, the WSJ reported. (Walmart has also experimented with other kinds of new record like PowerPlug fuel dungeon forklifts.)


DHL pronounced it was going to sequence 10 Semis. According to the WSJ, it plans to use the trucks for “same-day patron deliveries in major US cities,” while also contrast the trucks for reserve and motorist comfort on longer hauls. Another Canadian Logistics firm, Fortigo Freight Services, also told the Journal that it had placed a reservation for one Semi.

Neither JB Hunt nor Ryder System Inc. specified how many Tesla Semis they preordered, but JB Hunt pronounced that it would likely use the trucks to support internal West Coast routes.

Along with the Semi proclamation progressing this month, Tesla also pronounced it was operative on solar-powered “megacharger” record that could be commissioned at travel track terminals to concede a Semi to charge up to 400 miles in 30 minutes. If Tesla delivers, such a complement competence yield an inducement for some-more retailers and logistics companies to take the thrust on a couple of trucks to test out.

Of course, other companies are already building purify trucks, so Tesla has foe on this front. Cummins recently announced a 100-mile operation electric lorry with the option of an additional diesel generator to boost its range. UPS also purchased a series of short-range electric Daimler trucks to make internal deliveries. Hydrogen fuel dungeon startup Nikola Motor Company has also announced a fuel cell-based semi, and at the Port of Long Beach, Siemens is contrast out an electric catenary complement for trucks to revoke pier emissions.

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