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White House Confirms Stephen Miller Was a Right-Wing Creep Back in High School Too

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You remember Stephen Miller, don’t you? He’s the smug, dead-eyed presidential confidant the White House trots out when it needs someone to broach its transparently prejudiced articulate points about immigration. Miller’s lane record as a extremist xenophobe reportedly stretches back to his high school days, when he dropped a childhood crony for being Latino, showed up to meetings among students of tone with the solitary purpose of derailing their efforts, and suggested classmates do all in their energy to debase and disparage janitors. Now, a New York Times form adds one some-more sum fact to the Miller file, which was already thick with reasons to dislike the Roy Cohn lookalike.

[Miller] jumped, uninvited, into the final widen of a girls’ lane meet, apparently vigilant on proof his jaunty leverage over the conflicting sex. (The White House, reaching for exculpatory context, remarkable that this was a girls’ group from another school, not his own.)

Just so we’re clear, the White House confirms that Miller’s implicit rancour toward the women who wouldn’t date him in high school was so heated he tried to show them up by competing in a girls’ lane meet. This was how he endorsed his self-worth at the time, between essay editorial takedowns of Maya Angelou and screeching about how injustice didn’t exist. In college, he filled his time palling around with Richard Spencer and producing promotion with titles like The Islamic Mein Kampf.


Here’s a video of Miller doing his thing, in case it had slipped your mind.

Kali Holloway is a comparison author and the associate editor of media and enlightenment at AlterNet.

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