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While Appearing to Struggle With National Anthem, Analysis Shows Trump Speaks at, Like, Fourth Grade Level

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President Donald Trump’s coming at the inhabitant college football championship diversion Monday night was met with protests both at Atlanta’s Mercedes-Benz Stadium and on social media, where critics also remarkable that the boss seemed to forget the difference to the inhabitant anthem.



Trump mouthed difference to some sections of the strain but seemed lost during others, just hours after his latest attack on football players who have kneeled during the anthem before to games in criticism of the United State’s widespread of police savagery toward black Americans.






The football diversion commenced just after a new research was expelled showing that Trump speaks roughly at a fourth class level, with the misfortune wording of any boss given Herbert Hoover. The study, by the domestic research organisation Factbase, followed the president’s tweet over the weekend in which he claimed “Throughout my life, my two biggest resources have been mental fortitude and being, like, really smart.”



At the game, the Atlanta section of the NAACP urged protesters to wear white and call white towels at the boss as he stepped onto the field, personification off the term “snowflake,” frequently employed by Trump supporters to report overly-sensitive liberals and progressives.

The organisation also orderly a tweetstorm criticism during the event, in which it posted several lies the boss has told given announcing his run for boss in 2015.






More than two dozen demonstrators with the organisation Refuse Fascism gathered outside the circuitously domicile of CNN—another visit aim of the president—to voice their support for athletes who have knelt in criticism this season.

Meanwhile, the internal section of Democratic Socialists of America greeted the boss with a series of messages projected onto the side of the stadium.









Julia Conley is a staff author for Common Dreams.

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