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What Happens When You Suddenly Stop Using Marijuana?

Reefer Madness
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Back in 1994, there were lots of things we were uncertain about: Raves, were they the pied-piper of the techno-tribal revolution, or unrelenting embarrassment? Bill Clinton—corrupt, fibbing philanderer, or charming, fibbing philanderer? Brenda or Kelly? Zima or death?

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For its part, the DSM-IV, the customary psychiatric diagnosis manual, was uncertain either the pot robe could be kicked clean or either there would be consequences. In the run-up to the next revision, there was a flurry of studies on pot withdrawal, including ones that looked at the general population of users, adolescents, and even “non-treatment-seeking adult cannabis smokers.”

By the time the DMS-5 was expelled in 2013, the jury was in and there was a new entry: Cannabis withdrawal syndrome.

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Evoking images of trusting teen-aged lives busted by the allure of “jazz cigarettes” and dangerous “race music,” the thought of pot withdrawal has mostly been discharged as a bequest anti-drug hysteria, from Reefer Madness to Just Say No. Nevertheless, clinicians have documented some 40 symptoms compared with quitting pot use—which operation from the discouraging (aggression and other mood disorders) to the pardonable (excessive yawning) to the officious scatological (runny nose and diarrhea). The DSM-5 recognizes just 7 symptoms: irritability, weight loss, insomnia, restlessness, anxiety, depression, and earthy symptoms (including fever, chills, stomach- and headache). You’ll be happy to know that diarrhea did not make the cut.

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Compared with the torture of opioid withdrawal and the potentially lethal alcoholic DTs, cannabis withdrawal is comparatively mild. Only about half of complicated users who go cold turkey will even knowledge withdrawal symptoms of any kind. If you’re one of the detrimental fifty percent, design your symptoms to rise anywhere between a week to 10 days. They competence even dawdle for a month.

“Mild” withdrawal symptoms does not meant “pleasant,” however, and pot detox can be a trial, for both the former user and those around them.

Richard Faulk complicated the story of scholarship as a Ph.D. tyro at the University of California, Irvine, but left the academy to write. His concentration has been  on exploring the points where scholarship intersects with politics, culture, and the arts. 

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