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Western Media Fixates On Vague “Chem Weapons” Allegations, Ignores Children Murdered By America’s Terrorists

By Brandon Turbeville

While Rex Tillerson, Nikki Haley, Heather Nauert, and Emmanuel Macron as good as the entirety of the Western corporate media concentration on haunt chemical attacks, nothing of the above have even mentioned the militant shelling of Damascus (Bab Touma area) which has resulted in the death of 9 people, many of whom were children and teens.

On Jan 22, mortars began descending on the Bab Touma area of Damascus just as the children were streamer home from school. In further to the 9 killed, another twenty-one were seriously injured, one teenage girl having her legs so heavily shop-worn that the doctors were trying to save them and equivocate amputation at the time of the reporting.

Despite consistent harping on the death of any municipal that could attributed to random or immaterial bombing of terrorists by Russia or the Syrian government, the West has remained still as a rodent whenever civilians are intentionally targeted by Western-backed terrorists. Instead, the American and Western open is theme to conference about “the regime’s chemical weapons attacks” which do not exist (much like the “regime’s chemical weapons”) and how Bashar al-Assad is “killing his own people,” a parable debunked so many times my eyes now shimmer over whenever we form it.

Journalist Vanessa Beeley was in the ubiquitous closeness when the attacks took place, having just left Bab Touma 10 mins before. She writes,


We were leaving Bab Touma this afternoon just as the schools finished for the afternoon, around 1.30pm. The streets were plentiful with children of all ages, shouting and articulate excitedly as they headed for the many school buses watchful for them. The automobile horns echoed around the streets from the desirous drivers packaged into the narrow, cobbled streets.

It was smashing to see all the colours of their coats and school bags. It was a comfortable day, the object was splendid and heightened the colour roar from these children. One little girl walked past the automobile giggling with her friend, her grin pennyless her face in two, it was so extended and expressive.

As we incited left towards Bab Sharki embankment to leave the Old City..the children were still pouring onto the streets, walking palm in palm in front of the car, holding their time, slanderous shouting in the sunshine.

About 10 mins after we left the Old City gates, death struck these children in Bab Touma and Qasaa. Terrorists from East Ghouta fired mortars into these areas murdering 9 trusting children adults. One immature girl who survived the blast has had her leg amputated next the knee. She was a “lucky one”.

Another immature girl, Rita Eid (in the photo) was murdered…her father Nidal owns Ghassani supermarket where friends of cave buy their groceries.

Death stalks everybody in these streets every day. The smiles we saw just before the mortars rained down may have been dejected underneath the rubble. A child who left for school this morning, full of excitement, may never come back.

What did these children do? How can it ever be called a “revolution” when these monsters in East Ghouta deliberately fire mortars into an area packed with schoolchildren. It is a systematic electrocute of Syrian civilians being carried out by the terrorists the US Coalition-of-terror finance, arm paint as “freedom fighters”.

Where are these missiles coming from? How are these terrorists receiving reserve to make bombs, nonetheless explain they are starving?

As a dear crony pronounced to me, “from the names of the passed and injured, over 80% are Christian, this is such a tiny community, everybody knows any other… ”

How much longer will we passively support what the governments are inflicting on the Syrian people?

In her article, “Ghouta ‘Moderates’ Slaughter 9 In Damascus Neighborhood,” Syrian publisher and researcher Afraa Dagher also reported on the eventuality writing,

How many martyrs from the trusting people should we lose? How many healthy people should be done infirm given of western weapons ecstatic to the terrorists, to greatfully those bloodthirsty warmongers of the west, and Arab Gulf?

Yesterday and due to terrorists in Al Ghouta shelling the old city Bab Touma district in Damascus, there were 9 martyrs. Twenty-one were injured, many critically. Damage was caused to open buildings and people’s homes.

Three year old Elias Khory was martyred.

Elias Khory was 3 at the time of his murder by mortar.

Rita Nedal was about 15 years old when Al Ghouta terrorists killed her.

Rita Nedal Al Eid.

Teen Mohamed Zafer was murdered.

Mohamed Zafer

This is Christine Hourani. Yesterday Syrian surgeons were operative to save her legs, to forestall them from being amputated.

Ya rabb, may this girl’s legs be saved.

Most of the martyrs were children; the terrorists chose the time of their bombings to be when school let out.

Among the adult casualties was Majida Nasser.

Majida Nasser, killed by militant trebuchet from Al Ghouta.

Mr. Khaled Al Sakka was conduct of the Al Mohaysinieha school.

School Principal Khaled Al Sakka was martyred.

Many other bad civilians have no shame but to be vital in a country which is under a global fight given 2011!

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Moreover a pleasing school girl was happy to live her normal life God postulated it to her, may remove her legs given of these terrorists’ trebuchet shells on this suburb!

It’s not the first time; it is the way the ‘moderates’ in Syria have been expressing their will of democracy and leisure in Syria given 2011!

How to finish fight in Syria?! Just stop defending the western and Saudi proxies in Syria, just stop reselling terrorists in every place in the countryside, and in Idlib; just keep your hands out of Syria?!

Eight years of fight and sanction, blood and death.

Who would mount such life? Would you suppose the life of your kids under such situations?!

Stop murdering Syrians by defending moderate terrorists!

As has been the case given the commencement of the war, some victims are some-more equal than others. More accurately put, adopt or exploited chemical weapons victims are forever some-more profitable than the victims of genuine trebuchet attacks by terrorists. While the Western corporate media can adopt outrage and unhappiness over staged or exploited chemical weapons victims, it refuses to even criticism on the inhuman conscious massacre of trusting men, women, and children by Western-backed terrorists.

Read Vanessa Beeley’s essay “Damascus: Death In The Afternoon: Ignored By Corporate Media In The West” here

All photos: SyriaNews.CC – Afraa Dagher

Brandon Turbeville writes for Activist Post – essay repository here – He is the author of 7 books, Codex Alimentarius — The End of Health Freedom, 7 Real Conspiracies, Five Sense Solutions and Dispatches From a Dissident, volume 1 and volume 2, The Road to Damascus: The Anglo-American Assault on Syria, The Difference it Makes: 36 Reasons Why Hillary Clinton Should Never Be President, and Resisting The Empire: The Plan To Destroy Syria And How The Future Of The World Depends On The Outcome. Turbeville has published over 1000 articles on a far-reaching accumulation of subjects including health, economics, supervision corruption, and polite liberties. Brandon Turbeville’s radio show Truth on The Tracks can be found every Monday night 9 pm EST at UCYTV. His website is BrandonTurbeville.com He is accessible for radio and TV interviews. Please hit activistpost (at) gmail.com.

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