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We May Now Know The Fate Of This Beloved ‘Game Of Thrones’ Character


I am a HUGE Tormund Giantsbane man — always have been (#2 on the list of characters on GoT we’d hatred to see die).

Between his wildfire (Thrones puns!) hair, his ubiquitous ass-kickery, and the fact that he’s Jon Snow’s BFF, Tormund is one of Game Of Thrones’ many amiable characters, which is because the whole universe collectively held their exhale as the large 700-foot wall Tormund was station on collapsed at the finish of the deteriorate 7 finale. Him AND Beric, mind you.

Did he live? Did he die? What happened?

I trust that the fact that we don’t know for certain bodes good for the predestine of the Wildling leader, as a impression of his station would almost positively be killed unequivocally. And it appears that my beliefs would be true, as the actor who plays Tormund, Kristofer Hivju, was speckled in Belfast along with the rest of the Game Of Thrones expel (such as Dany and Samwell Tarly), where they just began production.


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via Vanity Fair:

One fan speckled a garland of expel members on plcae in Belfast, including Hivju, whom she photographed station alongside Dolorous Edd actor Ben Crompton.  Fans have already speckled many of the show’s principal expel as well, including Sophie Turner, Maisie Williams, Kit Harington, Emilia Clarke, and Nikolaj Coster-Waldau. Now that the Thrones sight is using once more, zero can stop it—well, solely Harington’s marriage to former Game of Thrones star Rose Leslie, which will evidently hindrance prolongation for a day so that the expel and organisation can attend the festivities.

The Hivju sighting is by distant the many sparkling beginning-of-production growth so far. Sure, for all we know, the actor could simply be filming a flashback, or an extended death stage in which he solemnly bleeds out interjection to a depressed icicle—but at the very slightest we know he’s got at slightest a few moments of screen time left.

Going into its final season, the HBO juggernaut’s tract points are all, as always, closely rhythmical secrets. But in the arise of the large penetrate the company faced progressing this year, even some-more privacy precautions are being taken than ever before.

While serious Game Of Thrones fans should have been means to ascertain on their own that Tormund survived, its comforting to know that the favorite kissed-by-fire-friend on set for the final season.

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