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“We Applaud President Trump:” UPS Boosts Investments By $12 Billion On Favorable Tax Law Impact

UPS currently announced some-more than $12 billion in investments to lift the company’s Smart Logistics Network, significantly boost grant funding, and position the company to serve lift shareowner value.

“This $12 billion investment program is an tusk of the event for taxation assets combined by the Tax and Jobs Act,” pronounced David Abney, UPS Chairman and Chief Executive Officer. “We will boost network investments and accelerate grant appropriation to strengthen the company for the prolonged term, so that we maximize the advantage to the global customers, employees and shareowners.”


“Through the stream and future actions, we will lift UPS’s position as the heading logistics provider by expanding ability and record investments to help business meet their needs for dependable, day- and time-definite service with extended prominence and flexibility,” Abney said.

The company plans to lift future collateral spending above its formerly committed six-to-seven percent of annual revenue. UPS will deposit an additional $7 billion over 3 years for the construction and restoration of facilities, to acquire new aircraft and belligerent swift vehicles, and to lift the information record platforms compulsory to support the network, conduct the business and energy new patron solutions.

“We extol President Trump and Congress for their confidant movement to urge the U.S. economy,” Abney continued. “Our investments will create new jobs, secure existent jobs and lift opportunities for the people. We are committed to remaining a elite employer by stability to yield industry-leading remuneration and glorious career opportunities.”

UPS also recently done a $5 billion tax-qualified grant to the company’s 3 UPS-sponsored U.S. grant plans. This represents about $13,000 per participant. The intentional grant lifted the appropriation turn to above 90-percent, securing retirement advantages on interest of union-represented and union-free employees authorised for UPS-funded pensions.

“Tax remodel is a extensive catalyst,” pronounced Abney. “We will continue to weigh additional actions that advantage customers, employees and shareowners as we swell serve in the year.”

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