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We All Use Drugs, So Treat Drug Users as You Would Want to Be Treated

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We are all drug users. Coffee, alcohol, cigarettes, weed, Viagra, ecstasy, anti-depressants, anti-anxiety pills and some-more – people are using these drugs on a weekly or even daily basis.

Why do we all use drugs? Because drugs work. We all have the personal reasons for using – either for pleasure, or treating pain or otherwise. And of march many people face hurdles from their drug use.

Coffee helps me start my day and gives me a little boost in the afternoon. While we know how damaging my cigarette robe is, it also gives me pleasure. we enjoy my smoke breaks via the day, going outward and getting some space, clearing my conduct and doing my people examination as New Yorkers walk by. we really conclude my vodka sodas after work. Whether we am kicking up my feet at home or unresolved out with friends, it is silken for me. Smoking weed can both relax me and also give me energy. we like examination cinema or eating a good dish after a smoke and also enjoy getting low with friends or doing some artistic essay while a little high.


It’s transparent to me that some of my drug use is since of highlight and an try to pull down some stress and formidable feelings. Life can be hard. Most of us are stressed when it comes to jobs, money, profitable bills and God dissuade trying to save a little bit. Watch the news and you are flooded with scary, lethal fires, hurricanes and floods. There are wars happening around the universe and people journey assault and oppression. We have a President who is constantly aggressive women and marginalized communities and personification a diversion of nuclear fight “chicken” with North Korea. We review about school shootings on a weekly basis. We are vital in nerve-wracking times. we infrequently joke, if you are not self-medicating, you are not profitable attention. There is a critical opioid overdose predicament in the country right now and the reasons are many and complex. But we would peril that people’s earthy and devout pain is a major means contributing to the widespread use and injustice seen today.

While many people use drugs, not everybody has the same attribute with these opposite drugs and some of us have opposite practice with drugs depending on the night or what is going on in the life at that time. The infancy of people can enjoy alcohol, but for some, ethanol is a damaging drug and causes genuine mistreat and drop in their lives. Some people can enjoy a couple of cigarettes when they have a couple of drinks. For others, there is no mediation and a singular cigarette simply turns into a container a day habit. Some use their opioids in a healthy way for their pain and for others, it can lead to critical obsession that can turn the concentration of their life.

While it is counterintuitive, it is worth indicating out that the strenuous infancy of people who use drugs don’t turn addicted. Dr. Carl Hart, a neuroscientist and highbrow at Columbia University has done groundbreaking work around drug use and addiction and annals that, “80 to 90 percent of people who use illegal drugs are not addicts. They don’t have a drug problem. Most are obliged members of the society. They are employed. They compensate their taxes. They take caring of their families. And in some cases they even turn boss of the United States.”

While drug use and abuse don’t discriminate, the drug policies do. The fight on drugs is a infamous fight on people and African Americans and people of tone feel the brunt of this war. Despite identical rates of use and sales, African Americans go to jail at 13 times the rates of whites for drugs. While pot legalization is apropos mainstream and entrepreneurs are getting rich, we still have hundreds of thousands of people getting stopped, frisked and arrested for pot – mostly immature people of color. Last year, in “progressive” New York City, 18,000 people were arrested for pot possession with African Americans and Latinos making up 85% of the arrests. People who are arrested mostly face evident and long-term consequences that can make it formidable to get and keep a job, say a veteran license, obtain educational loans, secure housing, or even keep control of a child or adopt.

So if we can determine that the infancy of people in multitude are using drugs, and if many people who use drugs don’t have a problem, what should be finished about it? The answer is not what Donald Trump is proposing. His proposals are building a wall along the border, revelation people to “Just Say No” and doubling down on law coercion and mass incarceration. we consider it is flattering apparent that the 50-year fight on drugs is not the answer.

So how should the multitude understanding with people who use drugs? we introduce 4 elementary solutions: 1) Offer diagnosis and care to people who wish help for their drug problems; 2) leave people alone who don’t wish or need treatment; 3) continue to hold people obliged for crimes that mistreat others; and 4) fight like ruin to finish the fight on drugs and stop locking up the brothers and sisters.

1) Offer diagnosis and care to people who have drug problems. While the multitude gives lip-service to assisting people struggling with drug injustice or addiction, 90 percent of folks who wish diagnosis can’t get it. Meanwhile, thousands of people are forced into diagnosis every year simply since they were arrested for drug possession, even nonetheless many of them don’t meet the evidence criteria for piece dependence.

We should have free diagnosis accessible on request. We should mislay barriers to entering treatment, which is distant some-more effective and reduction costly than putting someone in jail. We need to revoke overdose deaths by getting the overdose annulment drug Naloxone into the hands of people who use opiates and their family members. We need laws that concede people to call 911 when witnessing an overdose but fear of arrest. We need supervised injection comforts where people can use in protected places with medical staff on palm to make certain people don’t die from an overdose. We should make methadone and deputy therapy accessible to those who wish it. We should acknowledge that relapse happens and not kick people out of diagnosis who trip up.

2) Leave alone people who don’t wish or need treatment. As we mentioned earlier, the immeasurable infancy of people who use drugs don’t have problems from their use.

More than 1.5 million people are arrested every year in the U.S. simply for drug possession. The infancy of these people don’t have drug problems and nonetheless we are handcuffing them and saddling them with rapist annals that will exceedingly extent their opportunities in life.

3) Continue to hold people obliged for crimes that mistreat others. People who mistreat others, either on drugs or not, need to be held responsible. Simply using or possessing drugs should not be means for arrest, but if someone gets behind the circle while impaired, or commits a rapacious or aroused crime against someone, they should continue to be held accountable.

4) Fight to finish the fight on drugs and stop locking up the brothers and sisters.
The fight on drugs is really a fight on us. It is time to decriminalize all drugs and stop impediment people simply for using or possessing a certain substance. We are all using drugs, many non-problematically. How can we concede the police to target, detain and close up the brothers and sisters in cages for something we are all doing? Let’s help people with drug problems, leave in assent those but a problem, hold obliged those who mistreat others and finish this tragic, inhumane fight on drugs. Let’s get people to care about this.

This piece first seemed on the Drug Policy Alliance Blog

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