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WATCH LIVE: Professor Stephen Hicks Puts the Current Culture Clash in Historical Context

By Vin Armani

WATCH livestream at 10am PST (1pm EST) below. In the first hour, Vin discusses news that affects your autocracy – statists hatred Uber and free markets, wish to charge you a taxation to entrance por sites, and more. And, in the second hour, the difference “nazi” and “fascist” are common insults being hurled from both right and left. Philosophy highbrow Dr. Stephen Hicks joins us this week to strew some chronological and philosophical light (and truth) on those rarely charged words.

Stephen Hicks Ph.D. is highbrow of truth at Rockford University, where he is also Executive Director of the Center for Ethics and Entrepreneurship. He is the author of Nietzsche and the Nazis (Ockham’s Razor, 2006, 2010), Explaining Postmodernism: Skepticism and Socialism from Rousseau to Foucault (Scholargy Publishing, 2004), and co-editor of The Art of Reasoning: Readings for Logical Analysis (W. W. Norton Co., 1998).


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Vin Armani is the horde of The Vin Armani Show, CTO of CoinText, author of Self Ownership, founder of Bebi Vodka and co-founder Counter Markets. Follow Vin on Twitter and subscribe on YouTube. Get the weekly podcast on iTunes or Stitcher. Available for interviews at email – Vin (at) VinArmani.com.

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