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VideoLAN VLC releases chronicle 3.0 with HDR and 360-degree video

The renouned cross-platform, open-source video player VLC has perceived a poignant refurbish in 3.0, the first in what will be called the Vetinari branch. It adds support for HDR, including both 10-bit and 12-bit tone and 360-degree video.

This recover chronicle now also entirely supports Chromecast streaming, a underline we first played with back in 2016. While VLC is open source, this partial of it isn’t; Tom’s Hardware reports that VideoLAN explained it “used Google’s central closed-source SDK to build out the feature, which prevents it from releasing the source.”

Other major combined facilities embody 3D audio support, audio passthrough for HD audio codecs, and support for browsing NAS drives. As always, a garland of new codecs are upheld too.

Started as an educational plan in 1996, VLC has turn one of the many well-supported free video players opposite platforms. Its growth is destined by VideoLAN, a nonprofit classification formed in France, with volunteers operative on it from around the world.


This major new chronicle of the program has been in growth given Jun of 2016.

Supported platforms embody Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, Windows Phone, and Linux—however, the Linux chronicle is not nonetheless publicly available. For all but the last of those, it’s now accessible to download for free.

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