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VIDEO: OMG! Check Out the Size of These Huge Honking Marijuana Plants!

Jorge Cervantes checks out beast pot plants.
Photo Credit: Pinterest

In the video below, mythological cannabis cultivation consultant Jorge Cervantes visits the plantation of Will Feetham, clamp boss of the Southern Oregon Sungrown Growers Guild, to marvel at the outrageous honking pot plants flourishing there.

Cervantes estimates that any of the soaring monsters will produce somewhere above 10 pounds of manicured buds, maybe as much as 15 pounds. That’s a whole lot of pot from one plant.

These plants are grown outdoors, in the belligerent (as against to in pots), relying on sunlight, only organic inputs, and lots and lots of water. Farmer Will says he’s giving any plant 150 gallons of water a week. He also says pot tillage is still easier on water reserve than plantation crops like alfalfa or cash crops like booze crops.


This video is from a year ago this week, just before the plants were cut down. Right now, all opposite the country, pot plants are being harvested, nonetheless you will be hard-pressed to find any as big as these monsters.

You’ll have to lay by a few seconds of rudimentary element before you actually get to Will’s farm, but persevere, and you will be amazed. Enjoy!

Phillip Smith is editor of the AlterNet Drug Reporter and author of the Drug War Chronicle.

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