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Vermont Legislature Approves Noncommercial Marijuana Legalization Bill

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The Vermont Senate Wednesday took a final opinion on a check that would legalize the possession and cultivation of tiny amounts of marijuana, but not taxed and regulated sales. Gov. Phil Scott has pronounced he will sign the check into law.

If and when he does, Vermont will turn the first state to have ratified pot by the legislative process. Eight states and the District of Columbia have already ratified marijuana, but those were all by the beginning process.

The bill, House Bill 511, legalizes the possession of up to an unit of pot and the cultivation of two mature and 4 juvenile plants by persons 21 or over. It does not concede for authorised commerce, instead “retaining rapist penalties for the possession, dispensing, or sale of incomparable amounts of marijuana.”


For now, anyway. The check also calls for a charge force allocated by the administrator to study the issue and suggest “legislation on implementing and handling a extensive regulatory and income complement for an adult pot market” by Dec 31.

Vermont very scarcely ratified it last year. The check upheld both houses of the legislature only to be vetoed by Gov. Scott, who pronounced it indispensable tiny changes to win his approval. The Senate fast authorized the changes, but House Republicans blocked a indispensable opinion on them during a brief bill event last summer.

The New Hampshire House authorized a identical legalization on Tuesday. The actions in both New England states come just days after Attorney General Jeff Sessions rescinded Obama-era superintendence to sovereign prosecutors deprioritizing sovereign pot law coercion in states where it is legal.

While the hazard of sovereign involvement was not the pushing force in the two states’ moves to legalize personal possession and cultivation, but not a legal, taxed, and regulated pot market, the miss of authorised pot commerce may yield some cover from sovereign prosecutors, who would be left looking for people with an unit of weed or a couple of plants. They substantially have bigger fish to fry. 


Phillip Smith is editor of the AlterNet Drug Reporter and author of the Drug War Chronicle.

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