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Valve bans developer after employees leave feign user reviews

Insel Games, a Maltese developer of online multiplayer titles, has been banned from Steam and had all its titles private from Valve’s storefront after justification flush that it was enlivening employees to manipulate user examination scores on the service.

Yesterday, redditor nuttinbutruth posted a supposed leaked email from Insel Games’ CEO enlivening employees to buy reimbursed copies of the diversion in sequence to leave a Steam review. “Of march we can't force you to write a examination (let alone tell you what to write)—but we should not have to,” the email reads. “Neglecting the significance of reviews will eventually cost jobs. If [Wild Busters] fails, Insel fails… and then we will all have no jobs next year.”

In a summary after in the day, Valve pronounced it had investigated the claims in the Reddit post and “identified unsuitable function involving mixed Steam accounts tranquil by the publisher of this game. The publisher appears to have used mixed Steam accounts to post certain reviews for their own games. This is a transparent defilement of the examination policy and something we take very seriously.”

While Valve has finished its business attribute with Insel Games, users who formerly purchased the company’s games on Steam will still be means to use them.


Refining the system

Insel Games is a comparatively teenager publisher in the grand scheme of the Steam market, with only 3 titles and top sales totalled in the tens of thousands, according to Steam Spy estimates. Still, the company’s Steam anathema reflects on Valve’s stability efforts to purify up the rarely manipulable world of user reviews.

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