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Valentine’s Day Videos 2018: Top 5 Best Videos For Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day can be tough for people out there. If you are in a relationship, you are approaching to really step up and ready a good night for your special someone. If you are single, you are substantially feeling lonelier than ever! Since Valentine’s Day is Ash Wednesday, it’s going to be really tough for people who are giving up chocolate for Lent; there’s firm to be people who need to rethink those steakhouse reservations. Then again, some people competence be happy the day falls on Ash Wednesday. It’s such honeyed irony.

Regardless on where you mount this year, you can always enjoy a good video to get into the St. Valentine’s Day spirit. Just to lure you, there will be cupcakes. Also, David Bowie. Just not all at once!

Here’s a video for the waste hearts out there…

Those people at Studio C are famous for their humorous videos and this is no exception. This Valentine’s Day video is directed at the people who are lost on this day of days.

Candy? Flowers? Why Not Try Both?

If your special someone is giving up chocolate for Lent, then you can actually cut out the middle. Instead of candy and flowers, get candied flowers! Seriously, there are succulent flowers! The guys at Good Mythical Morning saw this plea and took it on, as the following video showcases.


Still not certain what to do this year?

For the propitious ones out there, there is still those who take their special someone for granted, watchful until the last second to even consider of what they are doing for the holiday. Don’t worry, a lot of YouTubers shared their ideas for romantic dates this year!

Want something honeyed this year?

Sure, a box of candies from the internal pharmacy that goes seared in a day or two is traditional, but who needs that? Cupcakes concede you to get creative! Just watch this video! One cupcake is partial waffle! You review that right, waffle! One doesn’t even need backing…you just solidify the batter!

Let’s finish with a song!

Let’s keep this brief and simple. Take it away, Mr. Bowie!

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