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Valentine’s Day 2018: Top 10 Must-See List Of Holiday Specials & Movies

Valentine's Day specials

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When it comes to holiday radio specials, Christmas customarily has the corner but Valentine’s Day has desirous utterly a few noted stories over the years. To get into the holiday spirit, we’ve collected some of the best Valentine’s Day specials

The Simpsons: ‘I Love Lisa,’ ‘I’m With Cupid’ ‘Love, Springfieldian Style’

The Simpsons competence be better famous for their Halloween specials, and the show may have technically started as a Christmas special, but they have had their satisfactory share of Valentine’s Day-themed episodes over the years (who are we kidding, by years, we meant decades). Yes, we know many people approaching me to put “I Love Lisa” on this list, and leave it at that, but the stage where Ralph gets his heart broken is just too painful. Too painful. It hits too close to home to the dopey, fat child in all of us.


In the episode, “I’m with Cupid,”  after Apu gets into a fight with Manjula, he tries to get back into her good graces with a garland of intemperate Valentine’s Day gifts. Eventually, all of the other wives of Springfield get jealous. In the end, however, everybody gets a happy ending. Did we discuss Elton John cameos? Because Elton John cameos!

Valentine’s Day after got the “Treehouse of Horror” diagnosis in “Love, Springfieldian Style.” While trapped in a Tunnel of Love ride, the family kills the time by revelation 3 classical adore stories, from parodies of Bonnie Clyde to Lady and the Tramp. On a associated note, because is Bart’s story always the last in these things?

Buffy the Vampire Slayer: ‘Bewitched, Bothered and Bewildered’

In a tract that seems desirous by “The Twilight Zone,” after Valentine’s Day goes wrong for him, Xander asks proprietor witch, Amy, for a adore spell to get revenge. Unfortunately, it backfires and forces all the internal girls and women, vital and undead, under his reluctant “spell,” solely its dictated target, Cordelia. Things get even worse when the spell forces the girls to wish Xander dead. Who would have suspicion invoking Diana, the Roman enchantress of the hunt, would have horribly backfired? Should have stuck with Venus! Or maybe St. Valentine himself! Fortunately, the part has a semi-happy finale when it turns out that Cordelia was actually overwhelmed by the whole thing.

Sabrina the Teenage Witch: ‘The Equalizer’

For a impression who’s been around given the 1960’s, Sabrina has had utterly a few Valentine’s Day themed stories during her run. In fact, her 90’s sitcom had at slightest 6 different Valentine’s Day episodes. In “The Equalizer,” Sabrina’s repeated nemesis, Roland the Troll, on the miscarry from his girlfriend, Thumbelina, traps Sabrina in several angel tales, like Sleeping Beauty and The Three Billy Goats Gruff. we consider there’s also a subplot about the aunts trying to get dates. Come to consider of it, that was actually a subplot in a lot of episodes.

Charmed: ‘Animal Pragmatism’

I’m not certain what witches have to do with Valentine’s Day, but I’m not going to doubt it. we saw Suspiria. Anyway, some novices witches get thirstier than the Weather Girls at Christmas. So if they can’t get a man, they confirm to make a man! Transforming 3 animals into men for Valentine’s Day dates, it backfires horribly and the Charmed sisters have to save the day!

Peanuts: ‘Be My Valentine, Charlie Brown’

Infamously, when this special first aired, children from all over America sent Charlie Brown valentines out of pity. I’m not wholly certain where they sent their letters to, but it started a trend that we wish doesn’t finish anytime soon: empathize Valentine’s Day cards. If anything else, we all adore the finale stage where Schroder tells off some of the kids who abandoned Charlie in the first place. You can theory which clip we showed up above.

Cathy: ‘Cathy’s Valentine’

Popular comic strip characters getting charcterised specials was kind of a trend in the 1980’s. Cathy managed to get three, the last one being a jubilant Valentine’s Day special, which would, of course, be Cathy’s favorite holiday. If all else, it is worth it to hear Kathleen Wilhoite’s particular voice.

The Muppets: ‘The Muppets Valentine Show’

You’d substantially have to be a loyal fan of the Muppets to have listened of this, but it is very critical to the franchise. This was the strange commander for The Muppet Show! Mia Farrow guest starred amid other several Muppets, nonetheless some of them didn’t really make it after the authorization took off. It was after followed up by The Muppet Show: Sex Violence. Yes, a special with that pretension actually exists.

Spongebob Squarepants: ‘Valentines Day’

Under the sea, Valentine’s Day seems to be a day about celebrating loyalty some-more than romance. After making presents for everybody within a twenty-foot radius, Spongebob teams up with Sandy to devise an extra-special Valentine’s Day benefaction for Patrick. When the benefaction gets delayed, and Patrick incorrectly believes he is the only one of Spongebob’s friends who didn’t get anything special. Like many people in that situation, he wants revenge! Sure, all gets resolved at the last second but Patrick’s meme-inspiring uproar would infer the test of time!

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