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Val Kilmer Net Worth 2017: How Much Is Val Kilmer Worth?

Famed actor Val Kilmer just recently non-stop up about his tough onslaught with throat cancer, and he told the media that it changed his opinion and celebrity and life. Val Kilmer has had a reasonable volume of success in Hollywood for over 3 decades now, he is many famous for his roles in the films “Top Gun”, “Heat”, and “Batman Forever”. Val’s estimable success in Hollywood over the last thirty and years gave him the ability to be featured in big time Hollywood blockbusters, TV movies, and charcterised movies.

Val Kilmer’s Net Worth as of 2017: $25 Million

Val’s prolonged tour from the Broadway theatre in the early 80’s to the big screen gave him the event to make $25 million dollars U.S.D. . His early days on Broadway helped him get gigs on TV cinema and big time blockbuster films.

Now lets check out how Val Kilmer became such a success story on the big screen….


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Val Kilmer was Born in Los Angeles, California on the last day of the 1950’s decade (yes, he was literally innate on Dec 31st, 1959). In his girl he attended Barkley High School in Los Angeles, nonetheless after his beginner year of high school he switched to Chatsworth High School in LA and attended Chatsworth with the famed singer Mare Winnigham. Later Val would attend the Hollywood Professional School, and thereafter the famed Juilliard School in New York City, where he would spin the youngest person ever to be supposed into their play program.


In the 1980’s Val’s Career really took off. In 1983 he scored a role in the play “The Slab Boys” with at the time up and coming actors Kevin Bacon and Sean Penn. In the same year he also acted in an ABC special called “One Too Many” with determined singer Michelle Pfeiffer. Val hit the big time when he scored the gig in the famous film “Top Secret” in 1984, the film non-stop the doorway for Val to have the event to measure roles in future Hollywood films. In 1985 he played the lead hurl in the comedy film “Real Genius”, and in 1986 he scored a hurl as one of the categorical characters in one of the many famous army/military cinema ever made, the famed “Top Gun” film. Val Kilmer continued to star in big screen and TV cinema via the decade.


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Throughout the decade of the 1990’s Val continued to get roles in major Hollywood Blockbusters. He held major roles in the early 1990’s films “Thunderheart”and “The Real McCoy”. In 1995 Val had a outrageous year on the big screen, personification Batman in the film”Batman Forever” and having a major behaving role in the famed 1995 thriller “Heat” in which he acted along side the mythological actors Al Pacino and Robert De Niro. Even tough “Batman Forever” got decent reviews at best, while “Heat” got overwhelmingly certain reviews, both films racked in $336 million dollars and $187 million dollars respectively at the box office. Trowed the finish of the decade Val would be the voice of Moses in the famous charcterised film “The Prince of Egypt”, which done over $200 million dollars at the box office.


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At the spin of the century, Val was one of the lead actors in the rarely expected film “Red Planet”, but the film incited out to be a outrageous flop. Despite the beating of “Red Planet” Val continued to get rolls for cinema on the big screen, including in films such as “Wonderland”, “Spartan” , and “Kiss Kiss Bang Bang” with Robert Downey Jr. . In 2015 Val was diagnosed with throat cancer, but after two years of diagnosis he was thankfully reported as being cancer free. Now that Val is healthy once again, hopefully we will see him back on the film screen someday in the nearby future.

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