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US To Officially Send “Lethal Arms” To Ukraine, Russia Says US “Crossed The Line” – But US Has Been Arming Kiev For Years

By Brandon Turbeville

After its horrible decision to strictly commend Jerusalem as the Israeli capital, the Trump administration is showing signs of its goal to yield anti-tank missiles and presumably even the Javelin barb complement to Ukrainian nazi forces in their fight against the Donbass separatists and, according to the State Department itself, Russia.

Earlier, the Trump administration had announced that it would be providing “lethal aid” to Ukraine, which the U.S. characterizes as “defensive” in nature. As The Hill reports,

The State Department reliable that the U.S. had motionless to yield Ukraine with defensive equipment.

“The United States has motionless to yield Ukraine extended defensive capabilities as partial of a bid to help Ukraine build its long-term invulnerability capacity, to urge its supervision and territorial integrity, and to deter serve aggression,” State Department mouthpiece Heather Nauert pronounced in a statement.


“U.S. assistance is wholly defensive in nature, and as we have always said, Ukraine is a emperor country and has a right to urge itself. The United States stays committed to the Minsk agreements as the way brazen in eastern Ukraine.”

The Trump administration progressing this week sealed off on a sale of fatal arms to Ukraine, a depart from the Obama administration.

The administration authorized the sale of Model M107A1 sniper systems and compared apparatus to the country on Wednesday at a value of $41.5 million. The pierce drew quick regard from Russia hawks in Congress, including Sen. Bob Corker (R-Tenn.), who had urged the Obama administration to do some-more about Russian charge into Ukraine.

Terrorist believer and anti-POW romantic John McCain predictably praised the pierce as well, but demanded that this step toward fight with Russia only be the first step.

Russia has responded strongly, condemning the pierce and stating that the United States is channel the line.

“Washington is trying to benefaction itself as a mediator,” Deputy Foreign Minister Sergey Ryabkov said. “It is not a go-between at all, it is an confederate in fomenting a war.”

“They have started articulate about Javelin barb complexes ‘to start with’. The doubt is: what’s next?” pronounced Mr Ryabkov. “American weapons can lead to new victims in a beside country, to which we can't sojourn indifferent.”

To be clear, the Trump administration has authorized the sale of “lethal weapons” to Ukraine. However, the jury is still out as to how distant this assist will go. The administration’s  denunciation has been murky in regards to possibly or not heavier weapons such as the Javelin anti-tank barb complement will be shipped to Ukraine at some indicate in the future. The administration has nonetheless to approve these missiles for sale but reports and the function of the Trump administration suggests such approvals are on their way.

Obviously, Trump’s pierce is a step toward larger dispute with Russia, who has been stealthily ancillary the Donbass separatists in their try to benefit autonomy from Kiev. It is now very probable that unaccepted Russian soldiers, operatives, and resources may be killed in Ukraine by American weapons, a extreme and grossly nonessential escalation in a dispute that has seen fighting boost over the past few weeks.

“American weapons in the hands of Ukrainian soldiers are not for an offensive, but for a wilful withstand of the aggressor, the insurance of Ukrainian soldiers and civilians, as good as for effective self-defense,” pronounced Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko. “It is also a trans-Atlantic vaccination against the Russian pathogen of aggression.”

The predicament in Ukraine, however, was wholly instigated by the United States and NATO, an apparent try to miscarry Russian-Ukrainian family and install a regime antagonistic to Russia in the place of Yanukovich. Russia responded defensively by annexing Crimea and stealthily ancillary Donbass separatists fighting against Nazi and nazi forces of Ukraine corroborated by the United States and other “Western” powers.

It has been obvious that American military mercenaries (aka contractors) like Blackwater have been handling in Ukraine for at slightest a year.

As RT reported in May, 2014,

About 400 chosen mercenaries from the scandalous US private confidence organisation Academi (formerly Blackwater) are holding partial in the Ukrainian military operation against anti-government protesters in southeastern regions of the country, German media reports.

The Bild am Sonntag newspaper, citing a source in comprehension circles, wrote Sunday that Academi employees are concerned in the Kiev military crackdown on pro-autonomy activists in circuitously the city of Slavyansk, in the Donetsk region.

On Apr 29, German Intelligence Service (BND) sensitive Chancellor Angela Merkel’s supervision about the mercenaries’ appearance in the operation, the paper said, RIA Novosti reported. It is not transparent who commands the private military contractors and pays for their services, however.

In March, media reports seemed suggesting that the coup-imposed supervision in Kiev could have employed up to 300 mercenaries.That was before the new supervision launched a military operation against anti-Maidan activists, or “terrorists” as Kiev put it, in southeast Ukraine.

Sputnik also relates the activities of Blackwater/Academi fighters’ participation inside Ukraine. On Dec 31, 2014 the news group reported,

Academi, before and some-more popularly famous as Blackwater, is back in the news as reports are trickling in that they’ll sight an “experimental battalion” of 550 Ukrainian soldiers in civic crusade next month.

The source, who spoke to Russia’s ITAR-TASS news agency, specified that the $3.5 million training will embody “marksmanship, operations by attack groups in civic conditions, close fight and fight and logistics support for the battalion”, areas of concentration that Blackwater is closely informed with from its time in Iraq. In fact, if its deployment there is any indication, then it may be training Ukraine’s “experimental battalion” to lift out the same carnage in Donetsk in the future that Blackwater did in Baghdad in the past. It’s an open secret that the ‘ceasefire’ hasn’t’ ceased any banishment on possibly side, and Kiev’s’ forces seem to be gearing up for a delay of war. Urban crusade training won’t help them stop a fabulous Russian advance (likely to be fought some-more in the fields than the foyers if it did happen), but would really come in accessible in subjugating the self-defense forces in Eastern Ukraine’s categorical cities.

Yet, while some may try to bonus the participation of Blackwater mercenaries on the grounds of technicality given they are not central US troops, they would do good to remember that the United States has already committed a series of military crew to Ukraine in the form of “advisers,” the famous nomination that has preceded several of America’s quagmires. As Chuck Vinch wrote for the Military Times in June, 2014,

A tiny group of American military advisers will shortly conduct to Ukraine to consider that embattled nation’s “mid- and long-term needs for invulnerability reform,” a Pentagon central pronounced Thursday.

Pentagon mouthpiece Eileen Lainez pronounced comparison U.S. invulnerability officials met with comparison Ukrainian officials progressing this week to plead “ways a countries could strengthen a long-term invulnerability team-work to help Ukraine build rarely effective armed forces and invulnerability institutions.”

The dispatch of “advising teams” to Ukraine was not just a one-time understanding either. It was settled months after the initial proclamation that the United States was going to continue its policy of promulgation crew to act as “advisers” and yield training to the Ukrainian junta.

Still, others have called into doubt possibly or not “advising” and training is all these people and teams are doing.

For instance, a video that flush recently taken in the eastern Ukrainian city of Mariupol seems to infer what many have suspected for some time – that US operatives are on the belligerent inside Ukraine aiding the junta army in their campaign of murder of eastern Ukrainians. The video shows a Ukrainian publisher coming a series of men in Ukrainian military uniforms and attempting to ask a doubt of what she thinks is a Ukrainian soldier. As she approaches the man, she asks in Ukrainian, “Tell me, what happened here?” to which he responds in ideal American English (no unfamiliar accent), “Out of my face! Out of my face, please.”

Reports coming out of Ukraine also seem to denote that the United States has already finished its decision possibly or not to yield Kiev with “lethal” assistance. For instance, an essay entitled, “Militia DNR: Ukrainian army uses US missiles,” and published on the Russian website Life News Russia, reports that members of the DNR (Donetsk People’s Republic) company have found bombard fragments that do not go to the Ukrainian military. Those armaments, according to the DNR company members, go to the United States.

The report states (please note the interpretation is very rough),

In the shelling Gorlovki Ukrainian military use American equipment. Proof of this channel information [was] supposing [to] LifeNews [by the] Donetsk militia. In an disdainful interview, they told and shown, from which the confidence forces shelled the city.
As reported from the stage [by a] match [from] LifeNews, Jan 31, the Ukrainian military fired [on the] Gorlovki Cathedral – [a] bombard landed on the roof of the church grounds in the refectory, with the outcome [being] that there was a fire.

Later [,the] DNR company found several fragments of shells that do not go to Ukrainian artillery, and even some-more so do not use Soviet or post-Soviet military equipment. According to their hypothesis, the APU use weapons that belong] to NATO.
Deputy brigade commander [of the] DNR Army call sign “Biker” showed shells and pronounced that it was after the shelling Ukrainian military company are [inflicting upon] the DNR militia.

“This is a special missile 155-caliber self-propelled artillery of the M109 A1 American production, which is used by the NATO countries. On this apparatus is commissioned [a] bottom detonator. If it gets into the walls and get stuck in it, then he shall splinter it easily. If it gets into the interior of the building, the blast call will occur indoors.”

It is these shells company found after a fire in the building of the Cathedral, and these fragments are the categorical justification that the church has been under fire from NATO guns.

In addition, during the shelling, Gorlovki militias are increasingly anticipating shells, which are equivalent to the “Castle”, only the stretch of a smaller size than a arms, and is only 75 mm.

“The following projectiles that we found a 75-caliber. They go to the jet erupt system, which is commissioned on all turf vehicles – a some-more mobile complement that can pierce simply by the streets of the city” – says company Biker information.

The brigade commander also addressed the participation of unfamiliar troops fighting for the Kiev junta. He settled that “The participation of foreigners in their army and radio intercepts endorse a comprehension when we hear interceptions phrases in English and Polish.”

That the campaign against eastern Ukraine is actually a campaign of murder of the eastern people is not accurately a well-kept secret either, except, of course, to the Western public.

Some of the justification corroborating the claims of conscious targeting of civilians on the partial of the Kiev regime was recently unclosed by Ren TV, a major Russian news network (privately owned). While covering a pull holding place in Ozeryanovka, the reporters got an up-front demeanour at the artillery coordinates of the Ukrainian military. These coordinates were indeed municipal targets such as restaurants, cafes, and markets. The positions were deserted after an attack by the Donbass company who subsequently recovered the artillery coordinates and held them up for the camera to see.

The report, which can be seen in this video was transcribed by Eric Zuesse of Washington’s Blog. It states,

[29 Jan 2015] The reporters of Ren TV currently perceived the first documentary justification that residential areas of Donbass [the revolting segment of the former Ukraine; the farthest-east partial of Ukraine, shown here in the darkest purple] are being targeted. Although Kiev may explain that ‘stray shells’ hit a hospital or a kindergarten, we have found on the front line that is being left behind by vacating Ukrainian soldiers, artillery maps, where the targets were restaurants, cafeterias and shops. Here is an disdainful report by a match Valentin Trushin from the former UAF’s [Ukrainian Armed Forces} trenches:

This is a margin circuitously the encampment of Ozeryanovka, from which recently was a Ukrainian battery banishment at Gorlovka: … [The insurgent infantryman says that many of these deserted tanks and other weapons are undamaged, and ‘They will contend tomorrow that Russia granted them to us, but it’s actually their apparatus that will be remade if required but will be used at fight against them.’ Views of Government-destroyed Gorlovka are shown.] … In the [rebel-]destroyed dugouts were found … notebooks of cannon commanders, maps. The papers show that shelling of the city [by the Government] was not random, but deliberate.The coordinates of the targets are shown. For examples, one is a restaurant, another a cafeteria or a marketplace where no militiamen were stationed. … Here are their target-maps, … incontrovertible justification of fight crimes.

In nonetheless another talk that was transcribed by Zuesse and promote on the Hromandske TV, a pro-regime radio hire that is apparently saved by the United States and Dutch supervision as good as George Soros, it was plainly settled that civilians and municipal infrastructure was being plainly targeted by the Kiev fascists. The first talk is with Commander of the Ukrainian Government’s Volunteer ‘Shaktarksk’ Battalian, Ruslan Onishcenko. Onischenko states, “Our mission, being employees of the Ministry of the Interior, is to purify the cities, after the army has ‘worked’ this domain with aircraft, artillery and complicated military equipment. This is a normal tactical proceed to warfare.”

Col. Vladimir Ruban Ret. was also interviewed by Hromadske where he seconded Onischenko’s sentiment. He said:

I wish to offer the Ukrainian artillerists medals, to those who bombard the city [Donetsk], the houses and the municipal population, … for they [artillerists] have deserved it [medals], both since of the correctness and inaccuracy. … It’s one thing if attack groups or any mobile trebuchet troops drive by the city and shoot, … but if the artillery units fired from the airport [i.e., from the distance], then no one can explain that the separatists fire themselves [i.e., that the people who are being killed in the city are victims of separatist troops incorrectly attack passers-by when aiming at Government troops. He is observant that artillerists will clearly get the blame, since street-fighters can always censure the ‘terrorists.’]. … The shelling there is finished as intimidation, … not just intent destruction, but danger [to get the race to rush to circuitously Russia]. The municipal race is intimidated by a pell-mell barrage of conflicting objects. There are many shells that block directly into the streets or unfeeling gardens [and so make the very belligerent on which these people live terrifying to them].

The talk continues:

INTERVIEWER: This refers to those that didn’t explode?

ANSWER: Yes, … there are many of those, … shells that destroy to detonate. But Gorlowka has been advantageous to have not nonetheless been totally eradicated from the face of the earth, along with the municipal population.

INTERVIEWER: You meant that the city is bombarded violently?

ANSWER: Gorlowka was shelled by a troops, [even] as we went there for the restrained exchange. Although it was famous that we was there, they [our troops] kept up the barrage of Gorlowka.

Clearly, the US and NATO goal inside Ukraine, much like its goal inside Syria, has zero to do with regard over human rights, democracy, or the lives of civilians. In fact, utterly the conflicting is the case.

The US and NATO are meddlesome in their geopolitical positions, the surrounding of Russia, and universe hegemony. If civilians get in the way, then civilians will be eliminated.

To be sure, the Russians have their own “elite” fighters handling inside Ukraine as well. However, it should be remarkable that, while both sides are personification geopolitical games, it was the United States that instituted the Euromaidan tone revolution, the putsch of neo-Nazis and fascists, and the pull to embody Ukraine as a NATO member.

But this, of course, is what creates the diversion so dangerous.

The intensity for a collision between two nuclear powers is one that concerns every human being and every vital thing on this planet. The United States and Russia hold the energy to exterminate a poignant apportionment of the race in a singular blast and much of what stays in the fallout. Thus, the decision on to arm the Ukrainian junta is positively one that must be opposed.

Brandon Turbeville writes for Activist Post – essay repository here – He is the author of 7 books, Codex Alimentarius — The End of Health Freedom, 7 Real Conspiracies, Five Sense Solutions and Dispatches From a Dissident, volume 1 and volume 2, The Road to Damascus: The Anglo-American Assault on Syria, The Difference it Makes: 36 Reasons Why Hillary Clinton Should Never Be President, and Resisting The Empire: The Plan To Destroy Syria And How The Future Of The World Depends On The Outcome. Turbeville has published over 1000 articles on a far-reaching accumulation of subjects including health, economics, supervision corruption, and polite liberties. Brandon Turbeville’s radio show Truth on The Tracks can be found every Monday night 9 pm EST at UCYTV. His website is BrandonTurbeville.com He is accessible for radio and TV interviews. Please hit activistpost (at) gmail.com.

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