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US General Admits SDF Is YPG – US Simply Changed Names Of The Org For Political Reasons

By Brandon Turbeville

Researchers and analysts who are informed with the Syria Democratic Forces handling with American subsidy in Northern and Eastern Syria have prolonged remarkable that the SDF is zero some-more than the YPG along with a complicated peppering of Arab jihadists. Yet the corporate press in the United States continues to explain that the SDF are merely moderates (vetted, of course, for their moderation) who have no other seductiveness than democracy in Syria.

However, while attempting to darken any eccentric investigate into the SDF by alt media researchers, the MSM has missed a vivid acknowledgment by the Special Operations Command, General Raymond Thomas, done on Jul 21, 2017 at the Aspen Institute Security Forum.

When asked by the interviewer about an instance of how SOCOM “identifies enablers on the ground,” General Thomas replied,

As you know, infrequently it’s of necessity. [You know,] who’s available? The one that we consider is many discussed and many misunderstood is the expansion with the reflection in Syria, the supposed Syrian Democratic Forces. Now, interestingly, they came about that name since they wanted, and we dealt with them directly, we was in on the infirm theatre of the attribute with these guys. They before called themselves the YPG which the Turks would contend alike to the PKK and contend “You’re traffic with a militant rivalry of mine. How could you do that, ally?” So we literally played back to them, you know, you’ve got to change your brand. You know, what do you wish to call yourself besides the YPG. And, with about a day’s notice, they announced that they were the Syrian Democratic Forces. we suspicion it was a stroke of luminosity to put “democracy” in there somewhere but it gave them a little bit of credibility. And the engaging part, and we was propitious to have a good partner in Brett McGurk out there with me about the same time since they were asking for things that we couldn’t give them and it literally was an confirmation that they were the demographic widespread force in Northern Syria. They wanted a chair at the list either it’s at Geneva, or Astana, or wherever talks are happening about the future of Syria and, since they had been branded as PKK, they could never get to the table. So while we interconnected with them militarily, Brett McGurk was means to keep them in the review and concede them the required legitimacy to be good partners for us so it was literally something “I need you militarily, the diplomat here will broach an entrée if zero else for you to be legitimate, you know, from a state standpoint or at slightest from a supervision standpoint after on.


So, for anyone attempting to paint the SDF as anything but a diversity of radical Marxist Kurds from the YPG and a jihadist component, it seems General Thomas has finished the debate.

As has been the case with ISIS and other militant organizations in Syria, the United States has simply changed the name of a organisation it is fighting with in sequence to grasp diplomatic, political, or promotion goals.

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