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United Nations Censors Dissent, Censors Syria, Censors Facts

By Brandon Turbeville

Ever given the commencement of the Syrian predicament in 2011, the Western corporate media has been land with guileful and officious absurd promotion per the inlet of the Syrian government, military, society, and, of course, its president. In Europe and Australia the promotion has been heavily pushed as well. However, while the eccentric and choice media have entirely debunked much of the promotion coming essentially from the United States, UK, Germany, and Australia, little has been pronounced of the promotion coming from the United Nations.

Unfortunately, the U.N. has a repute among many people of being a voice and a car for peace. However, the United Nations is anything but, and instead has played an active role in the destabilization, breaking, and drop of states in the aim of the same bulletin that has taken full hold of governments in the West.

One such instance of U.N. promotion is the continuous droning on per the charitable disaster in East Ghouta while zero but the sound of crickets comes from the U.N. in regards to the charitable condition of Damascus or probably anywhere in Syria where terrorists occupy or have occupied.

This latest pomposity and apparent double customary in regards to conditions in East Ghouta contra the conditions in Damascus and other areas under encircle by terrorists is both overwhelming and revealing. Take, for instance, the new matter by the UNICEF Regional Director for the Middle East and North Africa, Geert Cappelaere, entitled “The War On Children In Syria: Reports Of Mass Casualties Among Children In Eastern Ghouta And Damascus.” This matter stands as one of the slightest veteran statements of “outrage” ever finished on the partial of a UN staff attempting to use tension and selling techniques to poke open opinion to the anti-Assad comment and support some heavier sustained “isolation” of the Assad government.


The matter contained no text, only vacant lines after the prologue which review “No difference will do probity to the children killed, their mothers, their fathers and their desired ones.” In the footnotes, the report says “UNICEF is arising this vacant statement. We no longer have the difference to news children’s pang and a outrage. Do those inflicting the pang still have difference to transparent their barbarous acts?”

The UN office’s report so goes palm in palm with the violent and excitable hyperventilation coming from the Western media outlets and the governments they offer per East Ghouta which has suffered under oppression, atrocities, torture, murder, and yes, chemical weapons, all perpetrated by the Western-backed militant forces that occupy it. It should be remarkable that many of these chemical weapons attacks were apparent fake flags in sequence to be pinned on the Syrian supervision to then transparent a “response” from the West which is obliged for all the carnage in Syria given 2011.

As Eva Bartlett wrote for MintPress News in her article, “UN Feigns Outrage Over Ghouta While Terrorist Rockets Rain Down On Damascus,”

Where was UNICEF’s thespian blank-lined criticism when 200 civilians, including 116 children, were slaughtered by militant factions while in procession from Kafraya and Foua in Apr 2017? These factions enclosed Ahrar al-Sham (supported by Turkey and Saudi Arabia), al-Nusra (al-Qaeda), and factions of the Free Syrian Army. The Free Syrian Army was armed by the U.S. And, according to the difference of former Qatari Prime Minister Hamad bin Jassim bin Jaber al-Thani, Qatar — with the support and coordination of Saudi Arabia, Turkey, and the U.S.—was from the commencement ancillary armed groups, even al-Qaeda, in Syria.

This clearly angry UN matter has finished the rounds in corporate media reports on eastern Ghouta, many of which bring the U.K.-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (SOHR), run from his home by a solitary person, Osama Suleiman, who uses the pseudonym Rami Abdul Rahman. In its new Ghouta reports, SOHR itself does not provide sources.

On Feb 22, in the UN Security Council, UN Emergency Relief Coordinator and conduct of OCHA, Mark Lowcock, spoke for just over 10 mins about eastern Ghouta and “400,000 people besieged.”

Not once did he discuss the designated militant factions within. These militant factions include: Jaysh al-Islam (Saudi-backed), Hayat Tahrir al-Sham (al-Qaeda), Ahrar al-Sham, and Faylaq al-Rahman (the categorical coterie in Jobar, and reported to have perceived BGM-71 TOW anti-tank guided missiles).

The UN would hoard much reduction open support and outrage if, instead of easily-misconstrued emotive statements, it showed training videos like this one depicting then-leader Zahran Alloush’s Army of Islam training in eastern Ghouta with their armored tanks. This is the reality of eastern Ghouta. Jaysh al-Islam is the organisation barbarous for caging civilians, including women, to use as human shields.

The UN would hoard reduction support still were the UN and corporate media to show videos of civilians like this lady impiety the armed groups, blaming them for craving and for hoarding food, revelation them to leave Ghouta.

With hindsight, we know now that in other formerly-occupied areas of Syria, like East Aleppo, Homs, Madaya, al-Waer, and elsewhere, when finally resecured from militant factions, civilians in these areas spoke of terrorists hoarding food and medicine, and preventing them from leaving — holding them warrant as human shields.

It also transpired that the numbers the UN and corporate media were citing about eastern Aleppo’s race —250,000 to 300,000 – were rarely inflated, double the tangible numbers of civilians in eastern areas. As we wrote previously:

110,000 civilians purebred at the Jibreen Registration center; another estimated 10 percent competence have left loyal to stay with family instead; and according to the Red Cross, 35,000 people (“fighters” and their family members) were evacuated out of Aleppo. The sum series was so at many 150,000, many likely significantly lower.”

Bartlett then points out that, during the march of Lowcock’s statement, only once did he even discuss the shelling holding place in Damascus. Even then, he referred to the documented conscious targeting of civilians by Western-backed terrorists as practically unconfirmed, stating that shelling in Damascus was “reportedly” killing civilians there.

Of course, if Lowcock was simply unknowingly of either or not the reports were true, he could have checked for acknowledgment in the papers of eccentric researchers like Vanessa Beeley who were there during the shelling, who had privately witnessed the results, and created about them on her own website, TheWallWillFall.org and 21st Century Wire. Or, Lowcock could have trafficked to Damascus as we did in October, 2017 and taken a demeanour for himself. Damascus is definitely permitted and, supposing one stays out of areas like East Ghouta where Lowcock’s terrorists reside, there is no fear of beheading or Sharia courts.

Jaysh al-Islam, al-Qaeda, Ahrar al-Sham, and Faylaq al-Rahman, all terrorists groups benefaction in East Ghouta and the intent of the United Nations recurrent enterprise to protect, have been shelling Damascus for weeks, attack civilians on the street, homes, open areas, and schools. Of course, the shelling is a crack of the de-escalation zones resolved to in May, 2017 and negotiated by Russia, Turkey and Iran.

On Feb 23, a absolute barb was fired into Damascus, killing one civilian. All justification points to Jaysh al-Islam as the culprit, generally given the militant group’s own social media page (curiously not deleted while pro-Syria researchers regularly have their pages private on a unchanging basis) bragged about banishment the missile. No vacant pages have been released by the U.N. over these crimes. In fact, little, like in Lowcock’s own statement, has been pronounced at all.

It is so engaging to note that Jaysh al-Islam’s domestic leader, Mohammad Alloush, was ostensible to take partial and partially represent the “armed opposition” in the May 2017 and Astana 2017 assent talks.

Syrian Ambassador to the United Nations, Bashar al-Ja’afari, spoke to the press after the statements finished by Lowcock to the UN Security Council, where he forked out Lowcock’s apparent bias. Ja’afari stated,

We have an central minute from the Resident Coordinator in Damascus, the chair of OCHA in Syria, observant that during 2017, OCHA — with the team-work of the Syrian government, and Syrian Red Crescent, and International Committee of the Red Cross — have supposing charitable assistance to 2.3 million people.

Mr. Lowcock denied this information, while we have it in created form coming from the conduct of OCHA in Damascus. So, something is wrong. Either these people here in New York don’t review what they get from … their own people in Damascus, or they trick the Security Council members about what’s going on in Syria.”

He also addressed the claims of a “stifling siege” finished by Lowcock. He said,

[This] is not unchanging with the reality on the ground. Commercial trucks have been moving constantly between Damascus and easterly Ghouta. The Syrian supervision has been facilitating assist to eastern Ghouta, and medical evacuations to hospitals in Damascus. The UN is ignoring video footage posted by these militant groups showing women and children pushed into steel cages on the streets.

Ja’afari cited over 1,000 shells coming in to Damascus from East Ghouta a week before the Feb 22 Security Council meeting. By the time Feb 22 rolled around, he was means to bring over 1200, adding that 8 million people were at risk.

During the week of Feb 26, Eva Bartlett gathered a list from Syrian news agency, SANA, of militant attacks launched against Damascus. They are as follows:

  • February 24: “Armed groups positioned in eastern Ghouta on Saturday targeted with some-more than 55 trebuchet and rocket shells and with sniper fire the residential neighborhoods in Damascus and its countryside.”
  • February 23: “Armed groups fire 70 rocket shells on Medical Surgery Hospital and residential areas in Damascus and Jaramana: One municipal was killed and 60 others were harmed on Friday due to 70 rocket shells fired by the armed groups on the residential neighborhoods of Damascus and its Countryside.”
  • February 22: “Three civilians, two children among them, were killed and 28 other adults were injured, 6 of them children, when the armed groups fired shells on Damascus and its countryside.”
  • February 21: “A lady was killed on Wednesday while 22 persons were harmed in fresh attacks by armed groups on opposite Syrian regions.” Dozens of shells.
  • February 20: “Thirteen civilians were killed and 77 others were harmed on Tuesday as armed groups in the Eastern Ghouta area continued their crack of the de-escalation zones agreement, targeting residential areas and open comforts in Damascus and its panorama with 114 rocket and trebuchet shells.”
  • February 19: “Fifteen civilians, among them children, were harmed Monday in attacks by armed groups who targeted Damascus and its panorama with shells.”
  • February 18: “Armed groups positioned in some areas in Eastern Ghouta on Sunday dusk fired several shells on Bab Sharqi area in Damascus, killing a person, injuring another.”
  • February 15: “Armed groups, positioned in Eastern Ghouta, launched 4 shells on al-Wafideen Camp nearby Harasta, injuring a civilian… Later, the armed groups targeted al-Assad Suburb with 4 shells, killing one municipal and injuring others.”
  • The Feb 23 shelling of Damascus killed a Syrian doctor: Dr. Hassan Haj Hassan, an anesthesiologist and a highbrow at the Institute of Health Technology in Damascus. He was killed by #EGhouta militant shelling of Damascus.

In his latest residence at the UN Security Council, Ambassador al-Ja’afari remarkable that the categorical domicile of the Red Crescent in Syria, formed in Damascus, was targeted with 10 missiles, imagining from Ghouta.

This is a overwhelming volume of attacks conducted against civilians quite when one takes into comment the fact that these attacks have perceived probably no coverage in the Western mainstream press or the United Nations. Stunning, that is, if both the press and UN were not so apparently operative to promote an bulletin of destabilization and “taming” of nations that do not go along with the dictates of the universe banker complement that has already broken the back of the West.

UN Censors Dissent, Censors Syria, Censors Facts

Despite the U.N. Security Council assembly being focused on Syria, the U.N. prevented the Syrian Ambassador to the U.N. from completing his statements. After the assembly had been resolved and the Ja’afari censored, he addressed the press, stating,

The President of the Security Council, the Ambassador of Kuwait, acted irresponsibly currently by trying to forestall me from speaking, while the assembly is on Syria. This insane function coming from the President of the Security Council in a assembly allocated to the conditions in Syria reveals also that Kuwait is not — the Kuwaiti commission — is not up to the shortcoming it is presumption as President of the Security Council, given this insane function works against the manners and procedures of the Security Council. The necessity of the dignified function of the Kuwaiti envoy found a crystal-cut answer by the Russian ambassador, who corrected him and pronounced you have no right whatsoever to forestall the Syrian envoy from addressing the council.”

Bartlett records that this is not the first time the U.N. has censored the Syrian Ambassador. A identical conditions happened in 2015, after which Bartlett was means to talk him. He told her,

The British envoy cut me off one time while we was speaking. He pronounced ‘you have exceeded 4 minutes.’ we said, ‘Who gave you the right to fix 4 minutes? we am a member of a endangered party, and we have the right to explain.’ To transparent his wrongdoing, he also cut off the Iraqi envoy after me. We were the only two ambassadors speaking at that session, and it was on Syria and Iraq. The issue was on terrorism in Syria and Iraq, and he cut off both of us after 4 minutes!”

Bartlett also wrote about Ja’afari’s steady censorship, having his microphone and video cut as good as the censorship of the Syrian Foreign Affairs Minister, Walid Muallem who was cut off by zero other than UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon. She wrote,

In January, 2014, at the Geneva II discussion on Syria in Montreux, Switzerland, Foreign Affairs Minister Walid Muallem was himself cut off by zero other than the Secretary-General, Ban Ki-moon.

Pointing out the extravagance of the situation, Muallem noted: ‘You live in New York, we live in Syria. we have the right to give the Syrian chronicle in this forum. After 3 years of suffering, this is my right. You spoke for 25 minutes. we need at slightest 30.’ While Ban interrupted Muallem’s speech, asking him to ‘wrap up in just one or two minutes,’ the Syrian Minister refused to be silenced and did eventually finish his speech.”

Regarding some of the other instances of UN censorship of Ambassador al-Ja’afari, in that same essay we wrote:

Correspondent Nizar Abboud…says the cuts are not due to ‘technical problems,’ but instead mostly finished ‘by comparison officials at the United Nations.’

Matthew Lee, a publisher with Inner City Press (ICP) reported on an Apr 5, 2012 feed cut, observant that the speeches of the then Special Envoy for Syria, Kofi Annan, as good as the (Qatari) President of the General Assembly (GA) and Ban Ki-moon were all promote on UN television. However, ‘just as Syria’s Permanent Representative Bashar Ja’afari took the building to respond, UN TV went dark. When the event was over several Permanent Representatives were vicious of what they called ‘the PGA’s use of the UN for Qatar’s unfamiliar policy.’

…The Syrian Ambassador was again cut out of the feed on Jun 18, 2014. ICP’s Lee reported that on Jun 20 he was told by the same Dujarric per the Jun 7 cut that [in Lee’s words], in fact the blunder in 2012 was been [sic] to concede Ja’afari to pronounce AT ALL on UN TV. He pronounced the arrangement was that Ban and the Qatari PGA could speak, then the UN TV was ostensible to go off.’

Following the Jun 2014 Syrian elections, general member who had celebrated the elections in Syria convened at the UN to report back. Roughly 5 mins in, after Ambassador al-Ja’afari had non-stop the assembly and thanked the Secretariat for facilitating it, the webcast feed was cut. Ironically, the Ambassador had stressed he wanted to leave ‘enough time to give you the right picture of the Syrian landscape that was prevalent during elections. They are eyewitnesses.’”

U.N. Cries Over Conditions In Ghouta – Ignores Conditions In Damascus

In just one instance of the transparent UN disposition against the Syrian supervision in its “reports,” UN Emergency Relief Coordinator and conduct of the OCHA, Mark Lowcock, mentioned above, used as tension as he could pattern to convene the UN Security Council against the Syrian supervision over the conditions in East Ghouta. However, Lowcock never mentioned Damascus and the people being relentlessly shelled by East Ghouta-based terrorists. Lowcock never mentioned that the whole reason for the encircle in the first place was to force out terrorists who have been holding the civilians in East Ghouta warrant for scarcely 4 years.

East Ghouta is so being given the now barbarous Aleppo treatment. When terrorists are invading, bombing, sniping, torturing, raping, and murdering civilians, the civilians are labeled “Assad loyalists,” “acceptable casualties,” and “collateral damage” if they exist at all and the crimes of the terrorists are totally ignored. When these civilians are held in the crossfire during operations to acquit them, they are being “slaughtered,” “barrel bombed,” “indiscriminately killed,” and “intentionally targeted”  by a “brutal dictator.”

In her article, Eva Bartlett writes in abyss about the crimes against civilians in Aleppo committed by terrorists and abandoned by Western governments and Western media. Indeed, Bartlett’s essay enclose a series of personal interviews and a personal knowledge with the Western media’s conscious obfuscation and fibbing in regards to the tragedies imposed on the people of Syria by America’s terrorists. She writes,

In Aleppo in Nov 2016, the conduct of forensics, Dr. Zaher Hajjo, told me (on a day of heated militant bombings that killed 18 civilians and harmed over 200) that in the past 5 years 10,750 civilians had been killed in Aleppo, 40 percent of whom were women and children. He pronounced that in the past year alone, 328 children had been killed by militant shelling in Aleppo, 45 children killed by militant snipers.

In Apr 2014, we visited the French Hospital in Damascus, which was treating some of the over 60 children who had been harmed by terrorists’ shelling of their school, which also killed one child. Also at the hospital was the BBC’s correspondent, Lyse Doucet. While she betrothed to give an honest comment of the targeting of these children, her report instead read:

“They’re believed to be fired by rebels, but the supervision is also accused of rising them into neighborhoods under its control. So brutal is this fight that zero is deliberate unthinkable…”

In Feb 2015, we visited Damascus’ University Hospital, documenting just some of the children maimed and critically harmed by such militant attacks — and, a year before wrote about my own practice in the heated shelling of Damascus, where we stayed several weeks — and, given then, have met victims of militant shelling of Old Damascus.

With entrance to countless sources on these continuous and lethal trebuchet and rocket attacks and the Syrian ambassador’s steady statements on this at the UN, the United Nations though chooses to blear on the strong shelling of municipal areas of Damascus and elsewhere in Syria, and instead validate the fight propagandists.

On Feb 22, UNICEF tweeted a New York Times essay featuring “media activist” Firas Abdullah. Abdullah is not the neutral media source portrayed. Following the Dec 2015 killing of militant Zahran Alloush, then-leader of Jaysh al-Islam, Abdullah posted his acknowledgment for Alloush, job him a “beautiful martyr.” This is the person whom the Times chose to execute a human face of Ghouta, retweeted by UNICEF.

Also on Feb 22, the UN physique tweeted a CNN report citing the SOHR, and of march the UNICEF vacant matter of outrage, in the intermittent conform that is standard of regime-change fight promotion reinforcing itself.

On Feb 21, UNICEF tweeted a Newsweek photo slideshow patrician after UNICEF’s own vacant matter of outrage.

The Feb 20 twitter of the vacant UNICEF matter enclosed #EasternGhouta, but no hashtag for Damascus. Surely an oversight…

Their Feb 19 twitter links to an essay on the Bana al-Abed of Ghouta, Muhammad Najem, whose Twitter comment began in Dec 2017 and has scarcely 5,000 followers. Expect that series to skyrocket. Expect a discourse to follow.

A UNICEF Feb 19 twitter on Ghouta links to fight proselytizer Louisa Loveluck’s article, stating from Beirut, Lebanon.

If it isn’t already clear, UNICEF is participating in fight promotion against Syria, stating and endorsing one very farfetched and not substantiated side of the story, disintegrating another very genuine side.

This is not the first time the UN has covered up terrorists’ crimes against Syrian civilians. In Oct 2016, we wrote of UNICEF’s unproven claims of an aerial attack on an Idlib school, in which UNICEF decried it as presumably “the deadliest attack on a school given the fight began some-more than 5 years ago.” As we reported, UNICEF ignored countless documented lethal attacks on schools:

On Oct 1, 2014, terrorists’ car- and suicide-bombed the Akrama Al-Makhzoumi School in Homs, killing at slightest 41 children by regressive estimates, or up to 48 children by other reports, along with women and other civilians.”

I serve noted:

On Oct 28, 2016, RT contributor Murad Gazdiev reported from Aleppo on the latest attacks by Western-backed terrorists on a school in the city. At the time of the report, at slightest 6 children were reported killed by a Hell Cannon-fired gas bin explosve which struck a school in Ḩadaiq al-Andalus. From an Aleppo hospital, Gazdiev reported:

‘The rebels launched the rocket at 10 in the morning. Seconds after it hit the National School of Aleppo… Three of the children died on the spot…. blood and pieces of them sprayed on the walls. The victims, 6 children, ranged in age from 2 to 12. In some cases, doctors weren’t certain if they’d put the right physique tools with the scold bodies. Three of the passed children were siblings: two brothers and a sister. Their father was over consolation. His mental fortitude had been ripped apart.’

This matter was given over footage of a ravaged father kissing the corpses of his children.”

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In Jan 2016, we wrote of OCHA’s resourceful tweeting around the terrorist-occupied encampment of Madaya, obfuscating the terrorist-besieged Idlib villages of Foua and Kafraya.

Honest reporters like Murad Gazdiev entered Madaya in Jan 2016 and reliable that food and medical assist had indeed entered. He spoke with residents who complained of the armed groups hidden this food.

When we went to Madaya in Jun 2017, we spoke with civilians there who settled that immeasurable amounts of food and medical assist entered the area, but they had no entrance to it, as Ahrar al-Sham, al-Nusra and co-extremists holding the encampment hoarded the food and sole it at vampire prices. we also saw prisons use to hold, and infrequently torture, civilians before their trials in terrorists’ courts. we also saw these in eastern Aleppo and in al-Layramoun, in the city’s northwest. When eastern Ghouta is finally secured, it won’t be startling to learn that schools, hospitals, and/or homes were incited into prisons to hold the civilians for whom the UN and corporate media adopt concern.

Obvious Connection Between UNICEF And Western Agenda

In her article, Bartlett points out that UNICEF’s stream Executive Director is zero other than Henrietta H. Fore, former director of USAID, Director of the U.S. Mint in the U.S. Department of the Treasury, and Chief Operating Officer for the U.S. Department of State.

The UNICEF Executive Director before to Fore was Anthony Lake, former National Security Advisor to Bill Clinton and former hopeful to the post of Director of the CIA.

Outlet teleSUR reports that Lake was heavily concerned in the starvation of Somalia in 2010-2012 by under-budgeting food assist to the balance of “10 cents a day per person to feed a million internally replaced persons.” They also reported that Lake “admitted publicly that he knew about and did zero to forestall the genocide in Rwanda, something he ‘regretted.’”

Bartlett writes,

In Yemen, the UN is suspected of having smuggled in two CIA agents, as reported in 2015 by publisher Nizar Abboud, and surprisingly in 2017 by The New York Times.

UNICEF executive directors who before worked for USAID, the U.S. State Department, even Director of the United States Mint in the U.S. Department of Treasury: it seems that UNICEF’s role is reduction about charitable assist and some-more about being the charitable promotion arm of Washington.

We should, indeed, feel grief for any municipal casualties in the U.S./U.K. and allies’ fight on Syria. However, after years of the many gross fight promotion on Syria, we should also practice counsel about the latest stories, be they from unsourced SOHR reports or the UN itself.

Remember, Omran Daqneesh was once decorated widely as the face of Syrian suffering. As it incited out, the whole story Western media and agencies told was false, formed on dangerous sources.

Recall that the charitable group MSF once insisted that Syrian or Russian airstrikes had broken — reduced “to rubble” — a hospital that MSF supported. This incited out to be definitely false.

Unlike MSF, distinct the many of reporters who reported lies around Omran Daqneesh, we did go to see the total Quds hospital, and met Omran and his father, who told me all the media had reported on his son was false; the media had exploited his boy. Both MSF and corporate media lied about these stories, and their lies were used to call for serve Western involvement in Syria.


The disposition of the United Nations in preference of Western machinations – war, destabilization, corporate bullying, the privatization of resources, drop of inhabitant supervision and particular rights – has prolonged been famous and reported on by eccentric researchers. In the case of Syria, however, that disposition has been on march for the whole universe to see.

Like clockwork, the United Nations ignores the many horrific crimes against amiability while terrorists are gaining belligerent in Syria but, at the first sign of gains by the Syrian government, the U.N. swoops in to direct “ceasefires” and “peace.” These ceasefires are held prolonged adequate for the terrorists to rearm and regroup before rising new assaults against civilians and the Syrian government.

The U.N. has regularly shored up militant forces by insisting on shipping in food assist that is then horded by the fighting groups and not allowed to strech adults with some instances of weaponry being shipped to terrorists under the guise of charitable aid.

The United Nations is so televising its repute as operative toward the same aims as that of the universe gentlefolk who wish to see the drop of Syria as good as all eccentric emperor nations.

Below are a preference of my own articles associated to Syria and the United Nations:

  • UN Resolution Blames Death Squad Crimes On Assad
  • New UN Report On Syria Same As Old UN Report On Syria
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Brandon Turbeville writes for Activist Post – essay repository here – He is the author of 7 books, Codex Alimentarius — The End of Health Freedom, 7 Real Conspiracies, Five Sense Solutions and Dispatches From a Dissident, volume 1 and volume 2, The Road to Damascus: The Anglo-American Assault on Syria, The Difference it Makes: 36 Reasons Why Hillary Clinton Should Never Be President, and Resisting The Empire: The Plan To Destroy Syria And How The Future Of The World Depends On The Outcome. Turbeville has published over 1000 articles on a far-reaching accumulation of subjects including health, economics, supervision corruption, and polite liberties. Brandon Turbeville’s radio show Truth on The Tracks can be found every Monday night 9 pm EST at UCYTV. His website is BrandonTurbeville.com He is accessible for radio and TV interviews. Please hit activistpost (at) gmail.com.

This essay may be openly shared in partial or in full with author detrimental and source link.

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