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Unhinged Trump Fans Are Mistakenly Hate-Tweeting ‘Reading Rainbow’ Star LeVar Burton

Photo Credit: LeVar Burton (Facebook)

LeVar Burton, the actor who’s best famous for his past work in “Reading Rainbow” and “Star Trek: The Next Generation,” is getting bombarded with angry tweets from Trump fans who have mistaken him for LaVar Ball.

LaVar Ball — the father of UCLA basketball player LiAngelo Ball, whom President Donald Trump helped free after he got held shoplifting in China — has been in a open argument with Trump for the past several days. In particular, the boss was angry that Ball didn’t privately appreciate him for assisting his son get out of a intensity jail sentence.

However, nothing of this has anything to do with LeVar Burton, the former “Reading Rainbow” horde who simply happens to share a first name with Ball.


As UpRoxx notices, this hasn’t stopped mad Trump supporters from job Burton “ungrateful” after they watched interviews of LaVar Ball on CNN and Fox News Tuesday morning.

On Twitter, Burton responded to a twitter that mistook him for Ball by job it “one of the many sleights we am having to continue these days.”

Check out some some-more angry Trump fans responding to Burton below.

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