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UN Security Council Resolution 2375 on North Korea: Preparation for War?

By Carla Stea

There is now a distinct settlement to US strategy of the UN Security Council when it wants UN publicity for US-NATO acts of aggression. It is a regulation which led to the drop of Iraq and Libya, and in 1950-1953 led to the drop of North Korea and many of South Korea. This lethal arena is once again apropos visible, and the code is suggested in the 3 words: “all compulsory measures,” which are deciphered to meant US-NATO assertive war.

This regulation starts with sanctions under Chapter VII of the UN Charter: approximately eleven sanctions have been inflicted on North Korea, and 4 presidential statements. The sanctions are, in themselves assertive action, dictated to break and unnerve the dictated nation-targeted victim, and eventually destroy the will, the suggestion and togetherness of the nation. The now twelve sanctions on the DPRK are suggestive of the difference Richard Nixon used for the CIA engineered drop of the democratically inaugurated supervision of Salvador Allende in Chile:

Make the economy scream!!


The thought of these resolutions is the sum drop of the targeted victim-nation, in the benefaction case, the eccentric revolutionary supervision of North Korea. Because the bar is ceaselessly raised, and it is unfit to approve with these imperialistic sanctions yet betraying and destroying the core values of the republic being targeted, eventually the US compels the Security Council to announce that some-more “robust” (violent) measures are required, the finish ensuing in military attack on the targeted nation.

Each permit is a humiliation, an act of psychological conflict and an conflict on the grace of the people of the targeted country. The sanctions are dictated to means such wretchedness among the people of the republic targeted that electrocute will result, culminating in regime change. If the victim has the strength to resist, some-more sincere charge will be used.

On Sep 8, 2017 the U.S. breeze fortitude suggested their ultimate intent: demanding the energy to house North Korean ships, and use “all compulsory measures” (military force) to require correspondence to check their cargo. Although this direct was deleted from the sanctions fortitude 2375 adopted on Sep 11, such coercion, if it had remained in the fortitude finally concluded upon, would have the defilement of the supervision of the DPRK, and would have constituted a form of rape of North Korea. Resistance by Russia and China resulted in the abandonment of that sold form of defilement of the DPRK, but the accumulative force of the resolutions, now numbering 12, are slaying the economy and people of North Korea, and the US-NATO arena seems vigilant on some form of military aggression, with or yet UN Security Council approval.

In the Sep 18 issue of The New Yorker, author Evan Osnos quotes his North Korean guide, Pak, saying:

If the US puts sanctions and sanctions and sanctions and sanctions, they drive us to the corner of the cliff, we will attack. That’s how the universe wars have started. Don’t pull us too tough given you’re going to start a war. And we should say, we’re not going to die alone.

On Sep 9, NATO arch Jens Stoltenberg said:

North Korea is a global hazard and requires a global response; and that, of course, also includes NATO.

NATO arch Jens Stoltenberg

UK’s Defense Minister Michael Fallon upheld NATO’s position.

US Ambassador Nikki Haley’s wanton slur that “North Korea is vagrant for war” so grossly distorts the law that the DPRK referred to her as a “political prostitute,” and the US Ambassador’s anxiety to the Chinese-Russian offer of “suspension for suspension” as “insulting,” is a frightful elimination of the only viable step toward commencement negotiated rebate of tension, heading to a pacific fortitude of this crisis. The US Ambassador’s absurd criticism reveals her counsel forgery of the realities concerned and her annulment of means and outcome is a form of paranoia. North Korea needs nuclear defenses to strengthen itself from aroused charge by the South-Korean-US axis.

Article 2 of the China/DPRK Mutual Assistance Treaty obligates China to urge North Korea if the US attacks. If the DPRK attacks first, China will not assist. While the DPRK will not trigger attack, ever, it is being subjected to frightful provocations, set-ups and false-flag operations which may make it unfit to equivocate counter-actions in defense.

The US Ambassador, many of the Security Council members, frankly or unwillingly and many others elsewhere are, it seems, deliberately refusing to respect, nor take shortcoming for the offensive electrocute of 3-4 million North Koreans between 1950-1953, and omit fact that the ongoing threat of South Korean and US military threats are inflicting an obnoxious state of terror on North Koreans, to which they must respond in the only way that will presumably safeguard their presence or lift the cost of an attack against them to a prove that the US-NATO-Japan- ROK pivot are demure or reluctant to pay.

It is therefore shocking justification of a cat-like devise to attack and overcome the DPRK in every fathomable way, that yesterday’s New York Times announced South Korea’s devise to “Decapitate” the North Korean leadership. …”The measures have lifted questions about either South Korea and the United States, its many critical ally, are laying the grounds to kill or impair Mr. Kim and his top aides before they can even sequence an attack.” This again recalls the Nixon-Kissinger-CIA Chilean manoeuvre scenario, when “make the economy scream” was not sufficient to stimulate a renouned overpower to overpower the supervision of Socialist President Allende, and the honest Chilean top military care refused to order a manoeuvre d’etat, which would have disregarded the constitution. Thereupon, the Nixon-Kissinger-CIA pivot organised the assassination of Chile’s constant top military leaders, commencement with General Rene Schneider, who was kidnapped and murdered for refusing to theatre a coup, and his constant second in command, General Carlos Prats was rigourously degraded and forced out of Chile. Eventually the CIA found a agreeable officer, and a pawn, Pinochet.

The care of the DPRK has sought meetings with the US care for decades. The North Koreans never refused negotiations. The US refused all such meetings, maybe presumption they could levy US will by force, in any case. South Korean “Decapitation Units” directly protest US Secretary of State Tillerson’s declaration that the US “does not find regime change, nor regime collapse.” The new South Korean “Decapitation Unit,” the “Spartan 3000, will be mandated to control ‘cross-border raids with retooled helicopters and ride planes that dig North Korea at night.” This is a conditions positively matching to the South Korean provocations that led to the 1950-1953 Korean war.

During the Sep 11 Security Council assembly at which the new sanctions fortitude was adopted, Chinese Ambassador Liu stated:

We wish the US will incorporate the following 4 ‘don’ts into its applicable policies per the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea: don’t find regime change, don’t stimulate a fall of the regime, don’t find an accelerated reunification bid of the peninsula, and don’t send its military north of the thirty-eighth parallel.

Russian Ambassador Nebenzia stated:

The measures involving financial and mercantile vigour on the care of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea had fundamentally been tired and any serve restrictions would be tantamount to attempts to stifle its economy, including the fixation of a sum embargo on the country and inspiring a low charitable crisis. In other words, what we are articulate about here is not just slicing off the channels that concede for banned nuclear and barb activities, but, rather, inflicting unsuitable repairs on trusting civilians……Furthermore, the authors’ rejection to embody in the fortitude the thought of using the good offices and intervention intensity of the Secretary-General, as good as the refusal to reaffirm the matter done by the United States Secretary of State, Mr. Tillerson, on the ‘Four Nos’—that there are no plans to start a war, outcome regime change, force the reunification of the two Koreas or violate the 38th parallel—all give arise to very critical questions in the minds to which we have not nonetheless perceived answers.

The UN Secretary General is adamantly against to a military solution, and equally austere that only a negotiated solution is permissible. However, the US opposes his utilizing his “good offices” to peacefully solve the crisis.

While it is unfit to envision the outcome, when taken together, the US actions seem to prove their vigilant to attack the DPRK, sincerely or covertly, or by proxies, yet the risks are catastrophic. Only the dangerous probability of China’s impasse could deter this intent. North Korea is now being dejected economically and subjected to frightful provocations. Although the “status quo” may seem to be in the seductiveness of all parties, rival and undiscerning assertive forces are being unleashed within US-NATO, with or yet UN authorization. If US-NATO military energy is available to erase North Korea, their following intoxication with military force, total with their mercantile debility creates it unavoidable that China and Russia are their next quarry. It is needed that Russia and China take this seriously, as they certainly do. The time is prolonged overdue for Russia and China to use their halt power. Their appeasement of US/NATO interests is myopic and enabling a fight of presumably incalculable proportions. It is preferable to live with a nuclear armed North Korea than to die in a nuclear holocaust. Indeed, even the princely Susan Rice factored in this option.

And it is time for US-NATO to mind the difference of former President Jimmy Carter:

The North Koreans emphasized that they wanted pacific family with the United States and their neighbors, but were assured that we designed a preemptive military strike against their country. They wish a assent treaty, generally with America to reinstate the ceasefire agreement that had existed given the finish of the Korean fight in 1953, and to finish the mercantile sanctions that had been very deleterious to them during that prolonged halt period. A joining to assent by the United States and North Korea is crucial.

Former President Jimmy Carter (Source: The Carter Center / Facebook)

Yesterday the North Korean Foreign Ministry settled that the UN Security Council resolutions are an “infringement on its legitimate right to self-defense, and aim at totally suffocating its state and people by full-scale mercantile blockade.” These United Nations Resolutions are counsel provocations, actually inflaming and exacerbating this crisis. And it is probable that the authors of the Sep 11 Resolution expected and actually dictated this outcome. War is profitable. It should be no warn that currently North Korea launched another missile, demonstrating its capacity. And currently the UN Security Council is holding another “emergency” meeting. One can only wish that Russia and China will take a mount against any delay of this infamous spiral.

Carla Stea is Global Research’s match at United Nations Headquarters, New York, N.Y.

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