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UK Gov’t Exposed For Funding Terrorist “Councils,” “Police,” And “White Helmets”

By Brandon Turbeville

The BBC has recently astounded everybody with a singular act of journalism, exposing the UK supervision for appropriation terrorists in Syria by a unknown assist programme that has dished out millions of pounds of taxpayer income over the years. The income has been awarded to groups like Adam Smith International which is then funneled to the extremists. At the concentration of the BBC essay is the fact that taxpayer income has been supposing to the Free Syrian Police, a police force operated by “rebel” councils.

While ASI argues that the FSP is an unarmed confidence force, an contentment of justification demonstrates to the discordant as anyone who pays even a fragment of courtesy to the Syrian predicament would already know. FSP is heavily armed, heavily sectarian, units of terror employed by units of terrorists. They are, in reality, simply some-more terrorists employed to control and annoy the people of Syria. Of this there is no doubt.

As BBC reports,


The supervision has dangling a unknown assist plan after a BBC Panorama review found taxpayers’ cash was being diverted to extremists in Syria.

Officers from a UK-backed police force in Syria have also been operative with courts carrying out brutal sentences.

A UK supervision orator pronounced it takes allegations of co-operation with belligerent groups “extremely seriously”.

Adam Smith International, the British company using the project, pronounced it strongly denies the allegations.

The Free Syrian Police (FSP) was set up following the overthrow in Syria, to bring law and sequence to tools of the country that were tranquil by antithesis forces.

Adam Smith International (ASI) has been using the plan given Oct 2014.

Britain was one of 6 donor countries profitable for the project, which provides village policing to the rebel-held areas of Aleppo, Idlib and Daraa provinces.

It is dictated to be an unarmed municipal police force, and not co-operate with nonconformist groups, but Panorama has found examples where that was not the case. Some of Panorama’s allegations against the plan include:

  • Police auxiliary with courts that lift out outline executions – including a case where two women were befuddled to death
  • Police being paid in cash and then being forced to palm over supports to an nonconformist organization determining the area
  • Police officers being handpicked by an nonconformist group
  • Dead and fictitious people are on the police payroll

Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson announced in Apr that the UK would dedicate a offer £4 million to the UK-funded Access to Justice and Community Security (AJACS) scheme that supports the FSP.

BBC continues by indicating out the connectors between the income supposing to FSP as good as the connectors between FSP and other belligerent groups like Nour al-Din al-Zinki. The report states,

Panorama has obtained ASI papers that show passed and fictitious people were on the police payroll.

One police hire in Koknaya in Idlib range was ostensible to be the bottom for 57 police officers. But the papers show that when ASI’s staff visited in Sep 2016, they couldn’t find a singular officer.

ASI pronounced officers were accounted for on successive visits. The company has now dangling the remuneration of all salaries at the Koknaya police station.

It pronounced it had identified very few examples opposite Syria where defunct officers had remained on the income list.

The papers also show how some police officers in Aleppo range were forced to palm over cash to the nonconformist organization – Nour al-Din al-Zinki – in control of the area.

The Nour al-Din al-Zinki Movement has been related to atrocities including the beheading of a immature restrained in 2016.

An ASI report from Jul 2016 warned that 20% of all police salaries were being handed over “to compensate for the military and confidence support that Zinki provides to the 5 FSP stations located areas under its control”.

As good as handing over a cut of British assist income to Zinki, the police had also worked with a Zinki justice “by essay up warrants, delivering notices, and bend criminals over to the court”.
. . . . .

The police team-work has continued despite allegations of woe and outline executions involving the justice at al-Qasimiyeh.

Tory MP Crispin Blunt, former chair of the Foreign Affairs Committee, pronounced the FSP should not be ancillary nonconformist courts.

He said: “You’ve got people being condemned to death for homosexuality.

“Clearly that is totally and definitely unsuitable by any customary and the thought that British taxpayers’ income was compared with that would of march be unconditionally abhorrent.”
. . . . .

Panorama also rescued that the Free Syrian Police supposing support for courts run by the Syrian bend of al-Qaeda – Jabhat al-Nusra – which handed out extreme punishments.

Police officers were benefaction when two women were befuddled to death nearby Sarmin in Dec 2014. Sources have told Panorama the officers sealed the highway so that the execution could take place.

ASI says the police officers who attended the stoning were not rigourously under FSP control and have given been removed.

Panorama has also seen justification that al-Nusra handpicked police officers in two stations in Idlib province.

ASI says that the officers imposed by al-Nusra were rescued in under two months and that payments to the hire were then stopped.

BBC’S “Journalism” Was Done Nearly A Year Ago By Independent Media

To be clear, the report of the UK appropriation of the belligerent Free Syrian Police was work that was already finished in Jan of 2017 by Vanessa Beeley of 21st Century Wire. Her article, “The ‘Free Syrian Police’ Made In The UK – Vanessa Beeley Exposes West’s Shadow State Project,” contained an talk with Mike Robinson and Brian Gerrish of UK Column per the FSP founders and the media moves to inflection the role of the FSP in the Nusra Front, ISIS, and other terrorist-occupied, segment of Idlib. Still, better late than never, BBC.

However, there is much some-more to the story than what is being covered by the BBC. Nowhere in the BBC Panorama report is there anything damning the White Helmets and their own connectors to the Free Syrian Police, the blatant connectors of these groups to terrorists (i.e. belligerent leaders of White Helmets, FSP, etc.), new or stream atrocities committed by FSP and White Helmets, or the muddied waters of belligerent groups’ name changes so that it is some-more formidable to pinpoint in ubiquitous terms Western support for terrorism in Syria. Thus, what BBC is doing can't be called inquisitive broadcasting (since the review and the broadcasting was already finished scarcely a year ago), it is a varnish designed to disguise the inlet of the UK’s loyal impasse in the fight on Syria, it’s appropriation and support of terrorism, and the reality that the White Helmets themselves are zero some-more than terrorists.

Although the United States has been the many upfront believer of terrorism over the last 6 years, the UK has followed suit, despite quietly. The UK’s financial impasse in the fight against Syria centers itself in the Conflict Stability and Security Fund (CSSF), before famous as the Conflict Pool. According the organization, “The Conflict, Stability and Security Fund (CSSF) provides growth and confidence support to countries which are at risk of dispute or instability. It’s the only supervision fund which uses both Defence spend and Official Development Assistance (ODA) to broach and support security, defence, peacekeeping, peace-building and fortitude activity.”

In reality, the CSSF is a jelly fund that is used as an ever-ready pool of resources to be dumped into dispute zones or areas that are to be incited into dispute zones by Western destabilization tactics.

The CSSF’s own website states that it has been allocated 1.163 billion British pounds for 2017-2018 alone by the British government. That is 1.163 billion pounds of British taxpayer income allocated for terrorists in Syria while Britain sinks even offer into mercantile depression, third universe vital standards, and informative collapse. Still, despite the open acknowledgment of CSSF per the volume of income it has been allocated by the government, the classification has been rather secretive when it comes to Syria. A new Parliamentary Question from Baroness Caroline Cox has suggested that the UK FCO has financed terrorists in Syria for at slightest 3 years by the CSSF.

Lord Ahmad of Wimbledon, FCO stated, “The value of the CSSF for Syria is £69 million in the stream financial year, was £64 million in 2016-17, and £66 million in 2015-16.”

The UK supervision has placed almost 200 million pounds into the terrorists proxies in Syria but, despite this trust being public, the supervision will not recover the names of the recipients of those funds.

This fund, by ASI and Integrity Global, supposing income directly and indirectly to terrorists handling in Syria, utterly in places like East Aleppo around the FSP, White Helmets, and “local councils,” themselves all opposite faces of the belligerent apparatus famous as al-Nusra Front. Vanessa Beeley has minute in her article, “White Helmets and ‘Local Councils’ – Is The UK FCO Financing Terrorism In Syria With Taxpayer Funds,” the route of income coming from the UK supervision around ASI and Integrity Global and anticipating its way to the terrorists of al-Nusra. we rarely inspire the reader to entrance and review the essay in its entirety.

During the doubt of Lord Bates, British officials certified clearly that the British supervision was indeed appropriation the Local Councils, not just the police forces. As Vanessa Beeley writes in her article,

With anxiety to the UK FCO appropriation of what are clearly belligerent tranquil “opposition” groups, the many new questions, tabled by Baroness Cox in Oct 2017, have asked possibly the UK Govt can be certain that supports are not going to restricted organisations with past or benefaction links to Al Qaeda or compared nonconformist groups in East Aleppo and Idlib, around Tamkeen:

1. With anxiety to Lord Ahmed’s answer of 20 Sep (HL 1252) will the supervision explain the role of Tamkeen in delivering UK support for moderates in Syria; in sold will the supervision make transparent which inner councils are receiving UK assistance by Tamkeen, and will they state possibly people compared with restricted organisations, utterly those with links past or benefaction to Al Qaida, are members of those councils or have been members during the durations in which the councils have perceived assistance?

Answer: “The “Support to Emerging Local Governance in Syria (Tamkeen)” programme, which finished in 2016, and its successor, the “Strengthening Governance Structures (Tatweer)” programme, support Provincial and Local Councils in Syria by assisting them to yield open and accountable inner governance and services. Tatweer operates in 16 Syrian Local Councils identified as wanting evident simple services support opposite Idlib, Aleppo, Daraa and Rif Damascus governorates. DFID has endless controls in place to safeguard that UK assist reaches those who need it and that it does not advantage extremists or terror groups, including vetting processes to safeguard such groups are not partial of the Councils with which we work. We actively conduct the risks of handling in Syria. We stop appropriation to any plan or sub-project where we have any regard that it could advantage restricted groups.” ~ Lord Bates

2. With anxiety to Lord Ahmad’s answer of 20 Sep (HL1252) will the supervision explain possibly the assistance they have channelled by Tamkeen has been spent in areas of Northern Syria now under the control of Hayat Tahrir Al Sham (the jihadi bloc led by the organization which changed its name from Al Nusra), and the jihadi organization Ahrar Al Sham, and possibly that assistance continues to be done accessible to those areas?

Answer: “Tamkeen and Tatweer, its inheritor programme, yield support to urge the ability and processes of Provincial and Local Councils in northern Syria. DFID has endless controls in place to safeguard that UK assist reaches those who need it and that it does not advantage extremists or terror groups, such as Hayat Tahrir Al Sham, including vetting processes to safeguard such groups are not partial of the councils with which we work. We actively conduct the risks of handling in Syria. We stop appropriation to any plan or sub-project where we have any regard that it could advantage restricted groups.” ~ Lord Bates

Beeley, who trafficked to Syria and East Aleppo privately during 2016 and 2017, recounts what she found alongside Syrian publisher Khaled Iskef, demonstrating a transparent couple between the British organizations and the belligerent “opposition” in Syria . She writes,

During my time in East Aleppo in 2016/17 with Syrian journalist, Khaled Iskef, we translated papers (in Arabic) found by Iskef, that referred to two UK organisations, Adam Smith International (ASI) and Integrity Global in tie with the appropriation of Syrian “opposition” structures in East Aleppo. Translation of one request reveals that, in May 2014, the DFID (Department for International Development) was concerned in the appropriation of a Local Council beginning around ASI and Integrity:

“The program, which is saved by the Department for International Development (DFID) will be destined at inner structures that prove responsibility, transparency, and honour for human rights and strengthens their ability to yield inner services to communities. Adam Smith and Integrity will yield technical assistance by inner consultancy teams, as good as technical and financial resources to meet the many obligatory needs. This program is now operative in 10 glorious communities and is approaching to boost the assistance to 40 communities.” ~ Taken from the document.

Please NOTE: You can perspective the papers cited by Beeley in her article, “White Helmets and ‘Local Councils’ – Is The UK FCO Financing Terrorism In Syria With Taxpayer Funds,” an essay that we rarely suggest to all readers.

These papers [photos of the papers enclosed in Beeley’s article] were found among the waste of the several Nusra Front (Al Qaeda in Syria) centres, East Aleppo Council buildings and White Helmet centres. It is notable that these 3 entities handling in what was belligerent assigned East Aleppo until Dec 2016, always worked alongside one another, possibly pity comforts and buildings or next doorway to one another in the several districts of East Aleppo where they centered their activities.

The CSSF came into being on the 1st Apr 2015 and both Adam Smith International and Integrity Global were combined to the “list of suppliers awarded a place on the conflict, fortitude and confidence fund framework“. ASI and Integrity are saved by the UK FCO around the CSSF to offer “assistance” to the Syrian “opposition” and this has been achieved around a accumulation of overdo agents, one of which is the Tamkeen Project, which claims to “build resilience in Syrian communities” and which establishes, supports and supports the “local councils” in belligerent held areas such as East Aleppo and Idlib. Appropriately, Tamkeen means “empowerment” in Arabic.

Beeley then cites a video which was filmed in the al Sha’ar district of East Aleppo in July, 2017, showing a Tamkeen-funded East Aleppo Council building station opposite from a former garage that was commandeered by Nusra Front (aka al-Qaeda) for use as a explosve factory.

The video can be seen here

Beeley then continues,

This picture (found in Beeley’s article) shows the black powder that Nusra Front used to container inside shells gas canisters, identical to what is used inside DIME or “Tungsten” bombs deployed against Gaza by Israel in 2012 and 2014. These missiles would recover the steel nano-particles on blast and the particles are eliminated from the wounds to the inner viscera of the victims, causing inoperable repairs and contingent septicemia from which there is customarily no recovery.

These lethal missiles were used on a unchanging basement against the 1.5 million Syrian civilians in the Syrian Government-protected West Aleppo during the belligerent nonconformist function of East Aleppo. According to municipal testimony, after the ransom of East Aleppo, these missiles were also used against civilians in the assigned districts by the belligerent factions who then blamed such attacks on the advancing Syrian Arab Army.

The Tamkeen Project birthed and then nurtured the “Local Councils,” handling in what was terrorist-occupied East Aleppo. According to Brita Haji Hassan, the self-proclaimed “mayor of Aleppo” 2016, in an talk with the Guardian, the programme supposing (East) Aleppo city legislature with £ 820,000 (May 2016).

While Hassan took good heedfulness to report his insincere “municipality” as “liberated Aleppo”, he naturally avoided mentioning the Nusra Front dominated belligerent participation that was committing atrocities against the Syrian civilians who dared to conflict their occupiers’ nonconformist beliefs or brutal oppression. Hassan tried to strengthen the parable that very few Nusra Front fighters remained in East Aleppo in Dec 2016 and that they were outnumbered by the “moderates” who had inaugurated Hassan to his post as their representative. A representative of the compared “democratic institutions“.

Democratic institutions… such as the Sharia justice in the Qadi Alasker district Eye Childrens Hospital devalue that had been assigned by ISIS until Jan 2014, then by Nusra Front in coordination with the Al Shameya Front other nonconformist brigades. The following talk with Ahmad Aldayh was conducted in May 2017. Aldayh had been detained in this sold “democratic institution”.

“The terrorists arrested a guy, the only child of his family. They arrested him since they found a picture of one of his friends carrying the Syrian flag, on his mobile phone. The terrorists tortured him for 3 hours, then they executed him.”

Dr Nabil Antaki, an venerable gastroenterologist from Aleppo had this to contend about Hassan’s delusions of grandeur:

“Returning to the theme of this pseudo-mayor, Brita Hagi Hassan, we can assure you, he is mayor of nothing. Nobody in Aleppo had ever listened of him before he was magicked out of nowhere by the West. […] we ask all my friends in the West, greatfully don’t trust your media supervision lies and we have one summary for the media: Enough! Stop lying!”

Moving back to the doubt of Adam Smith International, it is critical to note that BBC reports the latest liaison as if it were the only one ASI has been concerned in. However, in March, 2017, ASI’s founders were forced out when the UK supervision allegedly froze future contracts over questions about the reliable firmness of the company. The firmness questions surrounded justification that ASI was profiteering off by exploiting leaked dialect DfID documents. The company was also criticized for attempting to “unduly influence” a parliamentary exploration by production “letters of appreciation” from “beneficiaries” of ASI’s projects.

After all the press and anger had died down, it became transparent adequate that the frozen of resources and complaints of the UK supervision was merely theatre. At slightest by August, 2017 UK FCO was arising payments to ASI nonetheless again.

Beeley writes,

Perhaps rather naively, one competence assume that the liaison that had influenced DFID would be eliminated over to the UK FCO CSSF managers. A discerning demeanour at the UK FCO spend ‘over £25,000’ for 2017 positively shows continued payments being done to ASI, including in the updated entrance on 29th Sep 2017.

In fact, in the month of Aug 2017 alone, ASI perceived £ 3.79m from the UK FCO. It appears that the FCO is happy to be using a controversial corrupt passage to send supports that will almost positively make their way into the hands of internationally admitted belligerent groups and their affiliates, this time in Syria.

The “Local Councils”

Beeley then turns to the inlet of the “local councils” handling in Syria and appropriation by the UK, utterly one famous as the Command Council in terrorist-held East Aleppo. She writes,

The Aleppo Command Council, a joint of all eastern district “councils,” was set up in mid-November, as the impassioned battles for the ransom of East Aleppo from western corroborated belligerent factions were sketch to a close. The Syrian Arab Army (SAA) associated allege was tightening the knot around the final belligerent enclaves that enclosed the Old City of Aleppo and the Omayyed Mosque, where these photos were taken. So the last mount by the Tamkeen established, UK FCO financed, Local Council was reaching its finale.

A study of the photo the inlet of its subjects competence give a few clues as to the belligerent affiliations of these Council members but one sold in sold stands out, Omar Salkho. Salkho (image related in article) was a member of US corroborated “moderate” nonconformist group, Harakat Nour al Din Zenki is seated in the centre of the photograph. This group’s inflection rose to inflection after they publicly tortured and beheaded Palestinian child, Abdullah Issa in Jul 2016.

Did the UK FCO ‘overlook’ the belligerent activities and affiliations of the Local Councils they were financing by substitute just as they had ignored the rapist rascal and decrepit deceit conducted by ASI?

But Omar Salkho was not simply an difference or, as former State Department Spokesman Mark Toner put it, “one occurrence here and there.” Local Council tie with terrorists and terrorists holding positions within those councils were utterly common. As Beeley writes,

In Dec 2013 a belligerent fighter, Abdulaziz Maghrabi (seen above) was inaugurated President of the East Aleppo Council. At that time, aforementioned Hagi Hassan was his deputy. In an Al Araby essay that focused on Maghrabi, he sensitive them that he had been with the Muslim Brotherhood-Qatari-backed Al Tawhid Islamist brigades when East Aleppo was first invaded in 2012. He was then inaugurated to the presidency of the East Aleppo Council AND he shaped the “civil defence” aka the White Helmets in East Aleppo in 2013, with the subsidy of the general sponsors creators of this hybrid, pseudo first-responder organisation.

In the second photo [available here] (November 2016) we see Maghrabi with hardline nonconformist organization Abu Amara. Abu Amara acted as the many brutal confidence organization in East Aleppo, even outdoing Nusra Front in the atrocities committed against Syrian civilians under their occuptation. In the first photo with Ahrar Al Sham, Maghrabi is wearing a shirt with the Abu Amara logo, demonstrating the close operative attribute between these two belligerent organisations. According to municipal testimony in East Aleppo – Nusra Front, Abu Amara, Ahrar Al Sham other factions shaped a firmly integrated organization of belligerent brigades.

According to a report in Al Monitor, al-Tawhid Brigade’s military commander, Abdul Qadir al-Saleh, done the following matter in 2013:

“Saleh recently praised Jabhat al-Nusra and “the high coordination between them and the rest of the factions fighting on the ground. … [There is] good coordination with them on the military side.” That was not the first time he done such a statement. In April, he voiced his “complete rejecting to embody Jabhat al-Nusra on the US terrorism list,” adding that the organization didn’t rivet in terrorism.”

When we spoke to organization members of the former East Aleppo REAL Syria Civil Defence who had been diminished from East Aleppo by the belligerent groups, they told me these groups had taken over the East Aleppo centres in 2012-2013, killing many organization members, abduction others and hidden their equipment. One organization member told me they had tried to force him to stay and work with them, but he succeeded in evading to the secure, terrorist-free West Aleppo which remained under Syrian supervision insurance around the Nusra Front-led function of East Aleppo until Dec 2016. In his haste, he had been forced to leave his teenage sons behind in East Aleppo.

White Helmets and belligerent factions had noted him for assassination should he try to re-enter East Aleppo around any of the belligerent checkpoints. Other organization members told me how they their families now operative vital in West Aleppo had been deliberately targeted by belligerent factions in East Aleppo, even during rescue missions.

Maghrabi (better famous as Abu Salma) did not relinquish his belligerent connectors at any point. He remained an active member of Abu Amara Nusra Front according to testimony from Syrian civilians ex-fighters in East Aleppo who resumed normal life in Aleppo after the final depletion of belligerent factions in Dec 2016. Maghrabi has frequently been photographed with Ahrar Al Sham, Abu Amara and at demonstrations with Nusra Front militants.

In this photo, Maghrabi is seen being interviewed by Halab Today TV, during an East Aleppo, Nusra Front proof in Sep 2014 (Nusra Front black dwindle can be seen in the background):

Maghrabi posted the following video to his Facebook page in Aug 2017, profitable reverence to the Abu Amara militants in the video – “A year ago, with one of the good guys before the launch of the Ramousie battle”. Abu Amara were scheming the campaign to forestall the SAA and allies retaking the Castello Road, an arterial charitable supply line for Aleppo civilians and an essential weapons entrance indicate for the belligerent groups occupying East Aleppo:

While the US and UK have resolutely refused to appropriate Ahar Al Sham a belligerent organisation, it is worth observant that in Oct 2016, “a German justice convicted 4 supporters of hardline Islamist organization Ahrar Al-Sham, who granted munitions and apparatus worth thousands of dollars to Syria, of helping terrorism. It may offer a fashion for offer trials.” This landmark decision noted Ahrar Al Sham as an atrocity-committing, general belligerent organization handling in Syria:

“Describing the radical organization as “a unknown belligerent organization” that seeks to execute itself as a member of the supposed assuage antithesis in Syria, the justice cited the group’s open acknowledgments of ascent self-murder attacks and scheming assaults on Alawite villages.” ~ Aiding Terrorist Groups

Ahrar Al Sham are also enclosed in the Jaish al Fatah (Army of Conquest) alongside Nusra Front. This belligerent “Army” is led by child-suicide-bomber-trainer, Riyadh prepared Sheikh Abdullah Muhaysini. The following mention is taken from a video filmed in the Hama panorama progressing this year, featuring Fatah Al Sham fighters, White Helmets and Muhaysini welcoming terrorists from Daraya. Watch:

Maghrabi was therefore, undeniably, a belligerent at the same time as he was both boss of the UK FCO financed East Aleppo Council the founder of the White Helmets in East Aleppo who are also financed by the UK FCO, around the barbarous CSSF, among a series of other general sponsors which embody the US, around USAID Chemonics, Qatar, Holland, France, Germany, Japan, Denmark, Canada. Those charity logistics support or training to the White Helmets embody New Zealand.

The White Helmets – East Aleppo Council Connection

Beeley then turns to another aspect which the BBC report conveniently remained wordless on – the tie between the belligerent East Aleppo Council (which BBC attempted to execute as unfortunately depraved by some jihadists who had slipped into its midst) and the White Helmets. She writes,

The close tie between East Aleppo Council and the White Helmets are demonstrated by:

1. They are both saved by the UK FCO CSSF (among other sponsors) around several intermediaries. For the White Helmets, it is Mayday Rescue that acts as the primary laundering agent for UK FCO funds.

2. Their handling centres in East Aleppo were always next doorway to any other and alongside Nusra Front military centres – and also alongside UK FCO saved “Free Syrian Police.”

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3. The White Helmet organization in East Aleppo was determined by the boss of the East Aleppo Council (EAC), Maghrabi, who has transparent affiliations to belligerent groups inside Syria. Maghrabi is also an active belligerent member of those groups, by his own admission.

4. White Helmets in East Aleppo, Idlib and other belligerent assigned areas of Syria have consistently and unreservedly admitted devotion to terrorists groups such as Ahrar Al Sham and Nusra Front on their social media accounts. A new consult carried out by the Syrian War Blog has identified 65 White Helmet operatives who have avowed their membership of, or fondness with, nonconformist groups. This consult analysed some-more than 200 digital media accounts belonging to sold White Helmets and the review is ongoing. The 65 accounts that have been highlighted are the many extreme, but all other accounts also displayed nonconformist tendencies.

5. The East Aleppo Council trademark was seen on the sleeve of White Helmet jackets left behind in the deserted White Helmet centres in several districts of East Aleppo. The White Helmets were evacuated from East Aleppo in Dec 2016 alongside the Nusra Front-led belligerent and nonconformist factions. Photo next shows White Helmet, Ismail Alabdullah, wearing the White Helmet uniform with the East Aleppo Council trademark on the left sleeve of the jacket. (Photo: Alabdullah’s Facebook page)

6: In the following infograph (linked in Beeley’s article) you will see that Hagi Hassan had transposed Maghrabi as boss of the EAC by 2016. Hassan accompanied altogether personality of the White Helmets, Raed Saleh (upper left-hand dilemma of infograph), to Paris in Oct 2016, where they were both welcomed by former French president, Francois Hollande and given entrance to the Assemblee Nationale. The East Aleppo “Local Council” operative palm in palm with the White Helmets and belligerent groups in Syria, while lobbying for military escalation or faux-humanitarian involvement from the US coaliton, in this case, France.

A little offer justification of the UK FCO close operative attribute with the Tamkeen Project can be demonstrated by UK FCO’s Special Representative for Syria (based in Turkey) Gareth Bayley and his minute to the Tamkeen team, per the detriment of their leader, Ayman Sheikha during battles for East Aleppo in Nov 2016.

Unfortunately, Bayley never voiced such personal regard or condolences for the 11,000 and civilians murdered in West Aleppo by the ruin cannon gas bin missiles, mortars, grad rockets, bomb bullets, chemical arms attacks, snipers, self-murder bombers emanating from belligerent tranquil East Aleppo during the 5 year encircle by the very organisations the UK FCO had been financing during that time. The infancy of Syrian civilians maimed or killed in West Aleppo were children.


While the UK supervision continues to explain that it does not fund extremists in Syria, the fact is that all “rebel” groups are zero some-more than opposite presentations of the same belligerent substitute force saved and destined by the West, GCC, and Israel for the purpose of overthrowing the physical supervision of Bashar al-Assad. As this article, the work of Vanessa Beeley, and even the varnish of the BCC demonstrates, the UK supervision is clearly appropriation terrorists to the knob in Syria, despite the fact that the United States is the many outspoken believer of terrorism today. The UK government, around its FCO and FCO subsidiaries have documented their own support for terrorists around the income supposing to the White Helmets, Free Syrian Police, and Local Councils of terrorist-held areas. These latest revelations only offer to endorse what eccentric reporters like Iskef and Beeley reliable scarcely a year prior. However, there is much some-more income and much deeper connectors between the British supervision and terrorism in Syria than the BBC varnish report was allowed to produce. Aside from funding, the UK has deployed comprehension agents and SAS forces inside Syria for the purpose of subsidy up and safeguarding terrorists against the Syrian government.

Watch the full Geneva Press Club eventuality here.

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Letter to NDP from Prof. John Ryan protesting White Helmet assignment for RLA and Nobel Peace Prize.

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Brandon Turbeville writes for Activist Post – essay repository here – He is the author of 7 books, Codex Alimentarius — The End of Health Freedom, 7 Real Conspiracies, Five Sense Solutions and Dispatches From a Dissident, volume 1 and volume 2, The Road to Damascus: The Anglo-American Assault on Syria, The Difference it Makes: 36 Reasons Why Hillary Clinton Should Never Be President, and Resisting The Empire: The Plan To Destroy Syria And How The Future Of The World Depends On The Outcome. Turbeville has published over 1000 articles on a far-reaching accumulation of subjects including health, economics, supervision corruption, and polite liberties. Brandon Turbeville’s radio show Truth on The Tracks can be found every Monday night 9 pm EST at UCYTV. His website is BrandonTurbeville.com He is accessible for radio and TV interviews. Please hit activistpost (at) gmail.com.

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