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U.S. Border Patrol Intercepts 15-Person Human Smuggling Attempt in Derby, Vt.


The U.S. Border Patrol and the United States Attorney Office for the District of Vermont announced currently that 3 people have been charged in tie with a fifteen-person human bootlegging try in Derby, Vermont. Hector Ramon Perez-Alvarado, 25, a Honduran citizen, has been charged with transporting illegal aliens inside the United States. As partial of the investigation, the U.S. Border Patrol took into control of a sum of sixteen illegal aliens, including Hector Ramon Perez-Alvarado, the purported driver. Eleven of the illegal aliens are Guatemalan adults and 4 are Mexican.

According to Court records, in serve to the bootlegging charge against Hector Ramon Perez-Alvarado, two persons were charged with re-entering the United States after formerly being removed. Specifically, the United States alleges that Noe Perez-Ramirez, 33, of Mexico, and Alberto Alvarado-Castro, 29, of Mexico both were private from the United States on mixed before occasions. In support of its suit for detention, the Government serve purported that Alvarado-Castro has mixed before transgression thievery philosophy in the United States.


On the dusk of Oct 7, 2017, the U.S. Border Patrol agents identified a Nissan van, with a permit image not dependent with any state, making mixed trips from Beebe Road nearby the Canadian Border to the Four Seasons Motel in Derby, Vermont. Additional Border Patrol agents stationed in the closeness speckled several male subjects on foot streamer south from the limit in the same area indicating a probable bootlegging attempt.

Just after midnight on Oct 8, 2017, Border Patrol agents pulled the outpost over in the motel parking lot and questioned the driver, Hector Ramon Perez-Alvarado, who had no authorised standing in the United States. The outpost also contained 6 passengers, nothing of whom had authorised standing in the United States.

The driver, Hector Ramon Perez-Alvarado, gave the Border Patrol agents the pivotal to his motel room at the Four Seasons and requested that the agents redeem his personal items. When Border Patrol agents entered the motel room, they found 9 additional persons, nothing of whom had authorised standing in the United States

The complaints filed in this case are accusations only and the defendants are reputed trusting until and unless proven guilty. If Hector Ramon Perez-Alvarado is convicted of transporting illegal aliens, he faces a limit judgment of 5 years, potentially for any visitor transported, and a $250,000 fine, potentially for any person smuggled. If Noe Perez-Ramirez and Alberto Alvarado-Castro are convicted of re-entry after dismissal from the United States, they any face a limit judgment of two years and a $250,000 fine. If convicted the tangible sentences of the defendants will be suggested by the Federal Sentencing Guidelines.

Hector Ramon Perez-Alvarado, Noe Perez-Ramirez and Alberto Alvarado-Castro all seemed in United States District Court in Burlington, Vermont currently for an initial appearance. On the Government’s suit for pre-trial detention, Magistrate-Judge John M. Conroy systematic that all 3 be incarcerated tentative hearing and remanded them into the control of the U.S. Marshals Service.

This matter is being investigated by the United States Border Patrol and Homeland Security Investigations. “This case is an glorious instance of the loyalty and tough work put onward by Border Patrol agents to keep the country and communities safe,” pronounced U.S. Border Patrol Swanton Sector Chief Patrol Agent John Pfeifer. “Our agents did an superb pursuit thwarting this bootlegging attempt.”

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