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Twitter starts emailing the 677,775 Americans who took Russian election bait

On Friday, Twitter took an end-of-the-week event to dump some better-late-than-never news onto its userbase. For anybody who followed or intent with a Twitter comment that calculated like an American during the 2016 election deteriorate but was actually related to a major Russian promotion campaign, you’re about to get an email.

Twitter announced that it would hit a large series of users with that news: 677,775 users to be exact. This count includes those who interacted with the 3,814 accounts that Twitter has directly related to the Internet Research Agency (IRA), the Russian goblin plantation whose election-related nosiness was unprotected in 2017.

That series of accounts, Twitter noted, is a burst from Twitter’s before count of 2,812 IRA-linked trolls, which it had disclosed as partial of an Oct 2017 conference in Congress. Twitter says that this specific pool of goblin accounts generated 175,993 posts during the 2016 duration of activity that Twitter has been analyzing, and the service remarkable that 8.4 percent of those posts were “election-related.” In its Friday disclosure, Twitter did not take the event to acknowledge how the remaining commission of these posts, which enclosed anything from “I’m a genuine person” idle chaff to surreptitious and divisive messaging, may have eventually contributed to the goblin farm’s impact. (For example: Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey bit, and bit hard, on a famous IRA comment by retweeting two of its 2016 posts.)

The post enclosed snapshots of 5 instance posts from IRA-linked accounts, which are enclosed in the above gallery. Since Twitter’s post enclosed their tangible handles, you can find some-more screencaps of their activity before being banned by digging around.


Twitter also announced it detected a incomparable collection of “automated, election-related activity imagining out of Russia.” This activity, which Twitter describes as graphic from the IRA-powered campaigns, has now been related to “13,512 additional accounts, for a sum of 50,258 programmed accounts.” The proclamation was a little some-more deceptive about the piece and proceed of these accounts, however, and it did not explain either any Twitter members who intent with these accounts would be among those receiving an email notice.

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