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Turkey Detains 449 People for Criticizing Invasion of Syria on Social Media

By Jason Ditz

As Turkey’s advance of northern Syria continues, so too does their policy of impediment anyone seen as even arrange of against to the attack. The Turkish Interior Ministry now says 449 people have been incarcerated for criticizing the fight on social media, and 124 some-more detained for holding partial in tangible protests.

Turkey’s Erdogan supervision doesn’t have a lot of calm for dissent, or for Kurds. Unsurprisingly, gainsay about a fight against Kurds is being burst down on intensely. Erdogan’s orator warned that statements criticizing the fight volume to statements “glorifying terrorism,” and that the supervision is just enforcing the law as written.

With Turkey’s mostly state-run media praising the war, open support for it is still comparatively strong. Opposition is mostly in the racial Kurdish region, which Turkey is some-more than peaceful to moment down on at any rate, and domestic opponents.


When other NGOs issue statements against the war, as did a medical kinship in the country, President Erdogan has cursed them as traitors, and arrested 11 of their comparison members for a matter job for “peace immediately.”

With the fight stability and casualties rising, fight depletion is inevitable. For now,however, expressing antithesis to the dispute is a very dangerous crime indeed in Turkey.

By Jason Ditz / Republished with permission / ANTIWAR.COM / Report a typo

This essay was sourced from The Anti-Media.

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