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Trump’s Swing And A Miss At The New York Times Sparks Twitter Hilarity

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Trump has crowed about how unapproachable he is of his favorite weapon, his term, “fake news.” Taking a page from dictators past, gaslighting their people and poisoning them against their own press, Trump has used his produce with varying degrees of success. His latest attempt, to pitch that “fake news” produce it at the New York Times, finished up with Trump holding his own (figurative) bruise ride instead of attack them.

Trump claimed that the NYT had trapped Bob Corker by recording him, and done “him demeanour like a fool.” Trump’s abbreviation is bad, it is tough to tell if he was observant that Corker was done to demeanour like a fool, or Trump was done to demeanour like one. However, given Corker didn’t demeanour foolish, and Trump was wrong, the whole thing blew up in his face.

The fact is, Corker not only knew the talk was being recorded, he actually had two aides on the line with him and available the review as well.


Trump’s latest tantrum, however, drew him the kind of courtesy he deserved:

From indicating out that he incidentally pronounced that he, himself, seemed ridiculous to humorous gifs, they let him have it:

His childish fussy about “what he is traffic with,” when the republic is up to their eyeballs in “Trumped up” problems:

Perhaps it was this chatter by Corker that was really the feign news?:

Basically, after attempting to harm the New York Times, Senator Bob Corker, and the judgment of decency, Trump was shown a counterpart and the picture wasn’t pretty.

It is time for Trump to retire this try to criticise the Constitution and the free press so that he can achieve his corporatist, right-wing, agenda.

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