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Trump’s Policies Are Putting The Screws To Israel

By Janet Phelan

The US policies in the Middle East have increasingly exacerbated the tensions in the region, branch it into a cauldron of conflict. Under first Bush and then Obama, the US’s interventionist policies dramatically augmenting both the occurrence of terrorism as good as saved wars that increasingly seem to be but end.

And now, Trump appears to be following in the footsteps of his Presidential predecessors. His new stipulation of Jerusalem as the collateral of Israel, followed by his proclamation of monster cuts to UNRWA, which provides support to the Palestinian refugees, can only offer to serve discredit assent in the Middle East. And while Trump publicly declares his adore and support for Israel (and what American President has not?), these two decisions pave the way for serve dispute and also for endangerment of Israel.

The Jerusalem proclamation resulted in protesters contrary with Israeli invulnerability forces. More missiles were launched against the Southern Israeli city of Sderot and in retaliation, IDF planes struck Hamas military targets. Protests also lighted in countless cities opposite the Muslim universe as people took to the streets in Jordan’s collateral of Amman, as good as in Indonesia, Malaysia, Pakistan, Egypt, Algeria, Turkey, Iraq and Iran.

The second movement by Trump, slicing US assist to UNRWA by over one half can only have harmful consequences for the Palestinian interloper race and will very likely boost terror attacks against Israel. The UNRWA supports and administers 363 schools portion 311,071 pupils, 65 health comforts with over 5.2 million studious visits last year. According to the UNRWA, there are 2,158,277 Palestinian refugees. Many of the refugees served by the group are in Displaced Persons camps, which are famous to be hotbeds of militant activities. Cut the supports and it is likely that terrorism against Israel will increase.


According to comprehension historian and former DOJ prosecutor John Loftus, the US’s support of the state of Israel has been bigoted all along. Writing in the introduction to his 1994 bestseller, The Secret War Against the Jews, Loftus baldly states that

The major powers of the universe have regularly designed growth operations to bring about the prejudiced or sum drop of Israel.

The US purports, consistently and rather loudly, to be a crony of the Jewish state, providing military assist in the billions any year. However, the US’s policies have generally resulted in undisguised harm to the confidence of Israel and in comprehension assist to Israel’s enemies. A couple new examples embody the Iran nuclear understanding as good as the sequence from President Obama to lift back on the tunnel destructions during 2014 Operation Protective Edge. The tunnels were providing entrance into Israel from Gaza and inexplicably, Obama systematic Netanyahu to stop destroying the tunnels. Even some-more inexplicably, Netanyahu obeyed Obama’s order.

The new actions by Trump again show the two faces of the US’s loyalty with Israel, actions which on the surface may seem to be understanding of the Jewish state while the repercussions are clearly only augmenting dispute and insecurity.

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A new HAARETZ article, entitled “Israeli Army Warns: Danger of Violence Escalating into War Is Growing,” discussed the benefaction hazard assessment.

The essay was published before to the UNRWA announcement, which is generally seen as a intensity compound to a brushwood box. Speaking on conditions of anonymity, a captain in the Israeli army recently certified to this contributor that the pot are being called up in Israel. Reserves are always called up in credentials for war.

Janet Phelan is an inquisitive publisher and author of the groundbreaking exposé, EXILE. Her articles formerly seemed in such mainstream venues as the Los Angeles Times, Orange Coast Magazine, Long Beach Press Telegram, etc. In 2004, Janet “jumped ship” and now exclusively writes for eccentric media. She is also the author of two collections of poetry—The Hitler Poems and Held Captive. She resides abroad.

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