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Trump’s Cabinet Members Are Operating in Unprecedented Secrecy: Report

EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt addresses EPA employees. (February 21, 2017)
Photo Credit: U.S. Environmental Protection Agency

You can marker it up to simple, left-handed insufficiency or you can marker it up to corruption, but Donald Trump and his Republican minders are very consistently making a crush of the democracy and the notions of government.

A POLITICO examination of the practices of 17 Cabinet heads found that at slightest eight customarily decrease to recover information on their designed schedules or travels — information that was some-more widely accessible during the Obama and George W. Bush administrations. Four other departments — Agriculture, Labor, Homeland Security and Education — yield the secretaries’ schedules only irregularly or with few details. The Treasury Department began releasing weekly schedules for Secretary Steven Mnuchin only in November.

In addition, at slightest 6 Cabinet departments don’t recover appointment calendars that would show, after the fact, who their leaders had met with, what they discussed and where they trafficked — a intensity defilement of the Freedom of Information Act, which says agencies must make their annals “promptly accessible to any person.” Two departments — Education and the Environmental Protection Agency — have expelled some of those sum after watchdog groups sued them.

There are only two probable reasons for these acts, and they boil down to the same two choices as always. One option is Trump’s top-level Republican nominees are so staggeringly amateurish that they can’t even pattern simple record-keeping duties in their posts at the top of the government—and the coherence of these acts opposite mixed sovereign agencies seems to be an indicator against that theory. The other is that they are hiding who they are assembly with and which trips they are holding on the taxpayer dime since they trust there is a reason to censor those things.


There is no option three. And this is not Trump doing this; these are the acts of a grand phalanx of Republican inaugurated officials and other longtime transformation denizens now ensconced in the supervision roles they asked the Trump team to be ensconced in. Every one of these regressive diehards would have lifted holy ruin if a Democratic administration had attempted to retard the open from meaningful who supervision group heads were assembly with or where supervision group heads were jetting off to at taxpayer expense, and if such a thing happened every last one of them would have catapulted themselves toward the nearest Fox News camera to announce that something deeply curved was afoot.

And they would have been right; in past administrations this was not something that anybody could stomach since sovereign group heads refusing to hold even the past annals of their own governmental meetings would, indeed, be taken as possibly invitation to agency corruption or overt evidence of it.

In an administration in which the Republican boss himself is earning cash from all from unfamiliar lobbyists engagement his hotels to the Secret Service’s own duties securing his blurb clubs, during his presence, however, it’s serve justification of the Republican skirmish into grift as ruling ideology. There’s no way longtime politicos like Scott Pruitt don’t know sovereign clarity rules; if they’re hiding that information, it’s since they privately demanded it be hidden.


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