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Trump Still Can’t Tell The Difference Between A Bot And A Real Person

The Twitterer-in-Chief who – by his own difference – is “like, a smart person” still can’t utterly get the hang of specifying between genuine people and bot accounts on Twitter, and currently was no different.

In an early morning tweet, the Trump thanked an apparent Twitter bot who praised him and his family:

We’re adding the Trump twitter as a screen capture in case he deletes it (you never know):

Screen Capture taken in Denmark, so the time stamp is EST+6 hours

If you puncture a little deeper into the “Evelyn McQuary” account, you will notice that they assimilated Twitter in Aug 2015 – around the time Trump announced his candidacy – and that many of the activity on the comment is re-tweeting worried articles ancillary Trump and his agenda.

If you wish to go full internet sleuth you can do a retreat design hunt on Ms. McQuary’s form picture, and this is what you’ll find:

Either Ms. McQuary is an matching sextuplet, or the picture is a adored one among Twitter bots. We’re going to go with the latter.

It is not the first, or even the tenth, time that “Smart Person Trump” has retweeted/replied to bots on Twitter. According to Business Insider, the boss has “retweeted bots on Twitter hundreds of times,” and in their Oct 1st essay they do an glorious research of Trump’s story with bots.

According to Twitter Audit 41 percent, or approximately 16 million, of Trump’s 40 million Twitter supporters are feign as of today, and it looks like the series is increasing. That’s over one third bots.

Put another way, when Trump retweets a “follower,” he has a one out of 3 possibility of that comment being fake.

One could disagree that a person who is so smart that they don’t have to attend daily confidence briefings would be means to click a few times to find out if someone is a bot, but then again, it’s Donald Trump we’re articulate about.

Watch Trump call himself a smart person here:

Featured design around screen capture
This piece was edited at 10:05 AM to scold a statistic. 

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