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Trump Makes It Easier For Nursing Homes To Abuse Residents

If you have a desired one in a nursing home, Trump has given you one some-more thing to worry about for New Years. Under the Trump admins’ deregulate-everything-Obama policy, comforts that mistreat or mistreat nursing home residents will no longer face as many fines for abuse or neglect.

Trump changed the Rules making it Easier to Harm the Elderly

The changes are horrific. As Maddowblog notes, “Under Trump’s new guidelines, regulators will be disheartened from fining nursing homes for some infractions, “even when they have resulted in a resident’s death.”

Allowing, or even enlivening nursing homes to abuse some of the many exposed people in the multitude is right out of the Paul Ryan- Ayn Rand playbook, where punishing the weak, generally for profit, is a feature, not a bug.

The New York Times explains,

The change in the Medicare program’s chastisement protocols was requested by the nursing home industry. The American Health Care Association, the industry’s categorical trade group, has complained that under President Barack Obama, sovereign inspectors focused excessively on throwing indiscretion rather than assisting nursing homes improve.

And here’s the genuine kicker.


The new discipline daunt regulators from levying fines in some situations, even when they have resulted in a resident’s death.

In an mocking twist, these new rules, or miss thereof, will leave their symbol on Trump Pavillion; a nursing home in Queens, New York, that was named after Trump’s mother, Mary. And the place is not but scandal.

According to The New Republic,

Medicaid funding, in fact, was at the heart of a new liaison involving Trump Pavilion. In 2012, the facility’s CEO was condemned to 3 years in jail for bribing 3 state lawmakers in sell for some-more supervision aid. In addition, the trickery was totally renovated in 2009 with appropriation from the Department of Housing and Urban Development—a sovereign dialect that is confronting $6.2 billion in cuts under Trump.

Making America ‘great’ Trump character could infer to be lethal – generally if you live in a nursing home. Sad! is an understatement for this latest installment of Trumpism in an ever-deepening engulf of fervour and cruelty.

Trump may not technically be an evil, peremptory dictator. But he appears to be good on his way.

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