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Trump Expresses Open Confusion, Visibly Fidgets Through Meeting on School Shooting Prevention

Photo Credit: Fox Business Network

President Donald Trump on Thursday seemed to get totally lost during a contention on preventing school shootings being held at the White House.

During the talk, Indiana Attorney General Curtis Hill talked about active measures that schools can take during shootings that can go into outcome automatically but the police even being on the scene.

“We also have countermeasures that can be employed by the sheriff’s dialect within seconds to enclose the assailant and in a clarity spin the attack on them,” Hill said. “That is a vicious piece.”


A confused Trump asked him to explain the judgment of countermeasures.

“I just don’t know what that means,” he said. “Honestly, we don’t know what that means.”

Hill proceeded to give him an instance to illustrate.

“If you are in a hallway, with an active shooter in a hall, and he’s going around looking for targets, you got the doors locked, and somebody is monitoring and, for example, they have smoke canisters that can come in and blind to shooter, which distracts them,” he said. “That gives time and, you know, that vicious time when he is allowed looking for targets.”

Trump still didn’t seem to know the concept.

“In the meantime, he’s sharpened everybody, though,” the boss said.

“Well, in this sold school, they’re sealed down,” Hill patiently explained.

Watch the video below.

Sarah K. Burris writes about politics and record for Raw Story. 

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