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Trump Endorses Criminal Conspiracy to Crush Honduras Vote

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Honduras is draining now, and Honduran blood runs from the hands of President Trump and Gen. John Kelly, prolonged a vicar of American assault enforcing the majestic will. In their vicariously ruthless way, Trump and Kelly are carrying on with a century-old, bipartisan American tradition of oppression and human disregard in the classical “banana republic” that the US Marines once kept protected for United Fruit. Trump and Kelly now are merely fortifying the corrupt military manoeuvre of 2009, authorised by President Obama and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton (who was OK with death squads). Obama and Clinton are the godparents of the present Honduran thugocracy and its violent death squads that together annoyed the large flight of Hondurans seeking reserve here, thereby assisting to elect Trump in 2016.

Reliable stating on the stream escape of criticism in Honduras is tough to come by, but it’s secure in the Honduran presidential election in November. The obligatory Honduran president, Juan Orlando Hernandez, 49, of the National Party, is a approach customer of the 2009 coup, which towering him to the care of the National Congress. He is a businessman (coffee, hotels, media) with a master’s grade in open administration from the State University of New York. He was first inaugurated boss in 2013 (with 34% of the vote) in a corrupt routine during which at slightest 18 opposition-party possibilities and supporters were murdered. Additionally, charges of fake voting and corrupt campaign contributions were abandoned by authorities, to the advantage of Hernandez. Once he was president, he was barred by the Honduran structure from using for a second term. This barrier was private by the Supreme Electoral Tribunal, which is tranquil by the president. Hernandez has a prolonged personal attribute with Gen. John Kelly. Going into the election, Hernandez was deliberate the favorite.

Opposing Hernandez was approved socialist Salvador Nasralla, 64, of the Libre-PINU Party (the Opposition Alliance against Dictatorship), the party of the coup-deposed President Manuel Zelaya. Nasralla graduated with honors from the Catholic University of Chile as a polite operative and after warranted an NBA. He was CEO of Pepsi Honduras before starting a radio career in 1981. Since then, he has been cruelly vicious of ongoing crime in Honduras, first the Anti-Corruption Party in 2013, when he won 13% of the opinion for president. He was not approaching to win the 2017 election.


As it stands now, the leader may never be known, but some-more than likely Nasralla won the renouned vote. Among election monitors, the Organization of American States (OAS) and the European Union (EU) have deserted the results, while the US Embassy has pronounced all is hunky-dory. Meanwhile, the US and other anti-democratic forces are on the verge of installing their puppet Hernandez as the re-elected boss of Honduras. The timeline of this stolen election illustrates just how secure the persecution and its allies in the US feel in their contemptuous criminality:

November 26. Apparently, something like 57% of Hondurans opinion for a margin of 9 candidates. The Supreme Electoral Council, tranquil by Hernandez, closes the polls an hour progressing than in the past, likely suppressing the vote. At first the Electoral Council releases opinion totals as they come in, as is customary. Then, with Nasralla surprisingly leading, the Electoral Council suspends the count for 7 hours.

November 27. With 57% of the votes counted, the Election Council reports that Nasralla is heading Hernandez by 5 points, roughly 45-40. These totals apparently represent mostly voting appurtenance votes and not paper ballots. The Election Council then suspends the count again, for another 36 hours, revelation the open there competence be no final results until Nov 30.

November 28. US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson signs off on State Dept. acceptance that Honduras has been improving on fighting crime and ancillary human rights, clearing the way for $644 million in US aid.

November 28-29. The Election Council issues occasionally new totals that explain Nasralla’s commission is timorous and that Hernandez is pulling ahead.

November 29. Nasralla and Hernandez sign “a document vowing to respect the final outcome after every doubtful opinion had been scrutinized,” a business doubtful ever to be realized. When the Election Council again halts the count, claiming a mechanism glitch, Nasralla repudiates the agreement and urges his supporters to protest: “They take us for idiots and wish to steal the victory.” Nasralla supporters in the thousands take to the streets opposite the country.

November 30. Nasralla accuses the Election Council of election fraud. The Election Council reports 94% of votes are counted, with Hernandez forward by reduction than 2 points (42.92 to 41.42%). Nasralla supporters are in the streets. Riot police fire rip gas, peppers spray, and live ammunition at protestors.

December 1. The Election Council announces there will be no serve results compartment all votes are counted. Hernandez declares state of emergency and announces a 6 p.m. to 6 a.m. curfew.

December 2. The Honduran National Roundtable for Human Rights denounces supervision movement as state terrorism against civilians. The organisation also accuses the supervision of commanding the curfew as an act of hang-up to strengthen the electoral rascal it was perpetrating. By now supervision forces have killed at slightest 7 people and harmed a score. The second night of curfew sees thousands of people banging pots and pans in criticism (cacerolazos).

Substantial numbers of National Police defy the Hernandez supervision and refuse to make the curfew. A member of the chosen Cobra demonstration police reads from a statement: “Our people are sovereign. We can't confront and restrain their rights.”

December 5. US State Dept. announces acceptance of Honduran improvement on human rights so that Honduras can continue to get US military assistance.

December 6. OAS observers expel doubt on the election results so far.

December 9. Hernandez supervision rises state of emergency and curfew. Radio Progreso, an eccentric village hire fortifying democracy, is pounded and taken off the air. Journalists are arrested.

December 10. Thousands of Hondurans march on US Embassy in Tegucigalpa protesting US interference in election.

December 14. The Honduran Election Council, as compulsory by law, starts reviewing some 125 central objections to the Nov 26 election, including 4 motions severe the presidential election.

December 15. The Election Council has finished a relate of list boxes with irregularities, but has not announced a winner. Protests continue via the country. The death fee reaches 16, with 1,675 arrests.

December 17. The Organization of American States (OAS) denounces the Honduran election and calls for a new election in a matter saying: “Facing the stupidity of last a winner, the only way probable so that the people of Honduras are the victors is a new call for ubiquitous elections.”

Supporting the OAS conclusions is a detailed technical report on the election by Georgetown University professor Dr. Irfan Nooruddin who writes in conclusion: “On the basement of this analysis, we would reject the tender that the National Party [Hernandez] won the election legitimately.”

At the same time, Nasralla has left Honduras to go to Washington to beg his case at the State Dept.

Taking advantage of that opportunity, the Election Council announces that Hernandez has beaten Nasralla by reduction than two points (42.95 to 41.42%) out of almost 3.5 million votes expel (3,476,419). There are about 6 million electorate in the country of 9 million people.

Mexico recognizes Hernandez as winner, an proclamation concurrent with the US. Nasralla and his supporters call for the population to keep mobilizingand keep protesting.

December 18. Honduran clamp boss Ricardo Alvarez rejects OAS (but not US) division in Honduran affairs:

This is an unconstrained and emperor country. This is a country that is not going to do what anybody from an general classification tells it to do. we will contend it again: The only other election this country will have, the next one, is on the last Sunday of Nov 2021. There’s not another election.

December 20. Three human rights experts (David Kaye, Michel Frost, Edison Lanza) from the United Nations and Inter-American Commission on Human Rights reject the Hernandez supervision for the use of lethal force on protestors, and for violating simple human rights to life, free expression, and free assembly. They write:

“We are dumbfounded by the illegal and extreme use of force to sunder protests, which have resulted in the deaths of at slightest 12 protesters and left dozens injured. Hundreds of people have also been detained, many of whom have been eliminated to military installations where they have been brutally beaten and subjected to woe and other forms of ill-treatment.”

December 21. Honduras is one of only eight countries at the UN voting not to malign the US devise to pierce its embassy to Jerusalem.

December 22. US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson has the State Dept. issue a matter noticing Hernandez as winner, adding the absurdly false premonition that “a poignant long-term bid to reanimate the domestic sequence in the country and sequence much-needed electoral reforms should be undertaken.”

Congressman Jim McGovern, a Massachusetts Democrat, says the State Dept.’s movement left him “angry and disturbed.” One of some 50 lawmakers who sealed letters propelling the US to support the OAS call for a new election in Honduras, McGovern states the obvious: “Very few Hondurans have certainty in the results, and the country stays deeply polarized.” McGovern then adds angel dust: “For the U.S. supervision to fake differently is the tallness of blind unsteadiness and it will certainly mistreat the change and criticise the priorities via the region.” This is genuine blind folly, unless McGovern or anyone else stairs up to do anything about it.

Canada also recognizes Hernandez as the winner.

Nasralla concedes.

Why was the US so endangered about Nasralla? He opposes corruption, violence, law-breaking, persecution – are these views now seen as threats to US interests? The US doesn’t explain itself. It doesn’t have to, it’s the US. As reporter Allan Nairn said on Democracy NOW recently:

And at one indicate early in December, [acting US envoy Heide] Fulton and John Creamer, who’s a comparison State Department central and a former help to General John Kelly of the White House, met with Nasralla. And he pronounced that the U.S. officials were propelling him to stop the protests. The protests were the one renouned source of precedence against the electoral fraud, and the U.S. was trying to close them down—without success—even yet Nasralla done a indicate of observant he wanted to be a crony of the U.S., he wanted to be an fan of the U.S. He pronounced he wasn’t going to hold the military base, he wasn’t going to hold the multinationals. He even pronounced he would sign every U.S. extradition sequence but even reading them….

So, they motionless even Nasralla, who was earnest all those things to approve with the U.S., was not good enough, was not excusable to them, since he would represent a voting out of the manoeuvre regime. The 2009 coup, which had subsidy from the Pentagon and from Secretary of State Hillary Clinton at the time, put in a series of presidents, of whom Hernández is the latest, who back the oligarchy, give the U.S. a vacant check to do whatever they wish militarily, and who have very little renouned support.

Remember that Honduran inherent anathema on a Honduran boss being means to run for a second term? The military manoeuvre in 2009 claimed then-president Zelaya was trying to change the constitution. Eight years later, hidden an election in which the Honduran boss succeeds himself is fit by changing the constitution. As prolonged as the US puppet wins, beliefs don’t matter any some-more to Trump and Tillerson than they did to Obama and Clinton.

William M. Boardman has over 40 years knowledge in theatre, radio, TV, imitation journalism, and non-fiction, including 20 years in the Vermont judiciary. He has perceived honors from Writers Guild of America, Corporation for Public Broadcasting, Vermont Life magazine, and an Emmy Award assignment from the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences.

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