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Trump, Duterte Named TIME’s Persons Of The Year

NEW YORK, New York (The Adobo Chronicles, New York Bureau) – It’s that time of year when TIME repository names its ‘Person of the Year.’  This year, however, it’s going to be ‘Persons of the Year.’

U.S. President Donald Trump and Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte tied for the annual recognition for being the persons who many shabby the news events of 2017.

TIME editors told The Adobo Chronicles that they had a formidable time selecting just one person.

”Both are controversial, but they are also contrasting,” the editors said.


”Case in point, Duterte enjoys a high capitulation rating of 80 percent, while Trump is at a low 38 percent.”

Both leaders met in person for the first time during the ASEAN Summit held recently in Manila.  Before leaving the Philippines, Trump pronounced of Duterte, “I like him very much.”


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