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Trump Dossier Authors Rip Republicans for Conducting ‘Fake Investigations’ into Russia Collusion

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Glenn R. Simpson and Peter Fritsch, the co-founders of investigate organisation Fusion GPS, presented a full-throated attack on Republicans’ reprobate doing of the Russia review in a Tuesday night New York Times op-ed.

Fusion GPS consecrated the antithesis investigate that resulted in the Steele dossier, and its co-founders offering closed-door testimony to congressional Republicans. The former reporters reminded readers that Republicans tried to defense President Richard Nixon by “chasing rabbits.” They lay that Republicans are doing the same thing currently by proactively attempting to route courtesy from the tangible targets to criticise the idea of the investigation.

Simpson and Fritsch contend Republicans are refusing to recover transcripts of their testimony, despite their requests. Their testimony offering support for the position that Russia proactively interfered in the U.S. election to help elect President Donald Trump.


The two have now opted to share their commentary with the open in annoy of GOP efforts to conceal it. They contend Congress appears not to have subpoenaed “Deutsche Bank and others that were appropriation Mr. Trump’s businesses,” despite their idea that legislators do so.

“[W]e found widespread justification that Mr. Trump and his classification had worked with a far-reaching array of indeterminate Russians in arrangements that mostly lifted questions about income laundering,” the co-founders write. “[T]hose deals don’t seem to seductiveness Congress.”

“The open still has much to learn about a man with the many discouraging business past of any United States president,” the two conclude. “Congress should recover transcripts of the firm’s testimony, so that the American people can learn the law about the work and many important, what happened to the democracy.”

Chris Sosa is a handling editor at AlterNet. His work also appears in Mic, Salon, Care2, Huffington Post and other publications. Follow him on Twitter @ChrisSosa.

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