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Trump Campaign Official Beclowns Himself When Asked One Simple Question

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David Bossie, who served as emissary campaign manager for Donald Trump’s presidential campaign, certified on Fox News Monday that he did pronounce with publisher Michael Wolff for his bestselling book “Fire and Fury: Inside the Trump White House.”

However, when asked who had speedy him to pronounce with Wolff for the book, Bossie unexpected clammed up and desperately tried to equivocate revelation that former Trump campaign arch Steve Bannon was the guilty party.

“Did someone tell you to lay down with him?” asked horde Bill Hemmer during his speak with Bossie. “How did that come about?”


“I sat down with him,” concurred Bossie. “I had really not been meddlesome in sitting down with anybody about any book, mostly since Corey Lewandowski and we were essay the own. we found very little value wanting to lay with him. What he has incited out, this book, is just — the National Enquirer on steroids and that’s all we consider it.”

Hemmer refused to let Bossie off the hook, however, and pulpy him regularly to answer who asked him to pronounce with Wolff.

Eventually, Bossie relented and certified it was Bannon.

“It was Steve and we had a review about it and he asked me to lay down with him,” he said.

“Your bureau in Trump Tower was right next to Steve Bannon,” Hemmer replied. “Why would Steve Bannon bring in such an outsider, let’s say, to write this?”

“I haven’t talked to Steve about that and we don’t know because he would have allowed this,” he said. “However, there are other people who spoke to this person within the White House, within the administration. And they have some explaining to do as well.”

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