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Trump Aides Plan Mass Exodus in Wake of Explosive Book Revelations: Report

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As bad as thing have been so distant in the White House under President Donald Trump, they shortly could get even worse.

Michael Wolff’s new book Fire and Fury depicts a pell-mell and dysfunctional White House where staffers fear and disgust the president, whom they courtesy as a vain and capricious “idiot,” and those conditions have exacerbated the highlight that comes with the job, reported Axios.

“More than half a dozen of the some-more learned White House staff are deliberation approaching departures,” according to Axios co-founders Mike Allen and Jim VandeHei. “Many leaving are utterly aroused about the next section of the Trump presidency.”


The website collected some-more than a dozen anecdotes from Wolff’s book, which has murderous Trump so much that aides are simply avoiding him.

Trump has threatened to sue Wolff over his book, but Axios reported that his lawyers laughed at the president’s bluster.

Those anecdotes show how confused Trump is for the presidency, and how he ignores or disregards recommendation and follows his instincts wherever they lead — even when he contradicts himself.

“He seemed almost phobic about having grave demands on his attention,” Wolff wrote.

Wolff described a “wackadoo” moments whenever the boss rambled off topic, and staffers were forced into “intense method-acting” to fake not to notice “what everybody could see.”

“In the Trump White House, policy making … flowed up.” Wolff wrote. “It was a routine of suggesting, in throw-it-against-the-wall style, what the boss competence want, and anticipating he competence then consider that he had suspicion of this himself.”

Those conditions have many staffers deliberation a reckless exit, nonetheless it’s not transparent how appealing those jobs will be once they’re open.

Travis Gettys is an editor for Raw Story. 

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