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Train Carrying Members of GOP Congress Hits Truck, One Dead

A elementary franchised sight transporting Republican lawmakers to a shelter had an accident and crashed in Virginia into a rabble truck, leaving at slightest one particular dead.

There was one reliable deadly case and another particular badly injured, according to White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders.

In a statement, she reported “There are no critical injuries among members of Congress or their staff.” The temperament of the victim for some reason has nonetheless to be released.

The sight was headed for a “retreat” in West Virginia, transporting Senate and House Republicans when it hit this lorry and they found themselves in a bizarre accident. But if a sight hit a truck, we can’t suppose that the person in the lorry survived.

Rep. Carlos Curbelo of Florida said:


“We were on the way to West Virginia and it was a remarkable impact, a shrill sound and everybody was jolted.”

One member of supervision reportedly suffered a concussion, and was taken to a internal hospital: Rep. Jason Lewis of Minnesota, but a comparison care source from the sight remarkable he did not means a terribly critical injury.

An Amtrak matter remarkable that the occurrence occurred at 11:20 am in Crozet, Virginia.

“Two Amtrak organisation members and two passengers were ecstatic to a internal hospital with teenager injuries. Local law coercion is questioning the incident,” the matter noted.

Officials responded as they customarily do, and the National Transportation Safety Board pronounced it sent what they call a “Go-Team” to the stage of the event.

One person reported feeling a big impact during the accident, Arizona Sen. Jeff Flake, and then he pronounced he walked over to help an harmed person. He was with his 18 year old son and wife in one of the front cars of the train.

He pronounced “I knew there were going to be bad injuries, so we worked my way back meditative they competence need people to help lift people to ambulances, and they did,” he said, revelation it was a “terrible scene.”

He combined he beheld that one person died “who they worked on for utterly a while while we was there and we were given to the other harmed person.”

According to NBC News:

“Rep. Pete Sessions, R-Texas, who was roving with his wife, described the collision stage as “a mess,” with rabble strewn up to 80 yards away.

“The lorry is totally smashed,” Sessions told MSNBC.

The channel where the pile-up occurred was versed with flashing lights as good as gates on both sides of the track, sources told NBC News.

Texas Rep. Michael Burgess pronounced on MSNBC shortly after that “both of the channel arms were down” by the time he had exited the sight and it did seem “the lights were functional.”
Several lawmakers tweeted about the occurrence and pronounced they were uninjured.”

The pile-up must have been critical since the sight was holding some of the people in the many plainly absolute superficial positions in the US supervision currently.

House Speaker Paul Ryan was even on the train, but he wasn’t injured. Ryan spoke about it on Twitter and called it a terrible tragedy.

Trump is in the mix, speaking to Ryan and he perceived an refurbish about the situation.

Vice President Mike Pence concurred it and tweeted that he was also getting updated about the crash.

“Praying for all concerned beholden for the quick movement of first responders,” he said.

Then, the Vice President is going to residence the shelter dinner.

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