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To opposite China, White House memo suggests a nationalized 5G network

The US supervision should consider building and handling a inhabitant 5G mobile network in sequence to boost security, revoke faith on Chinese equipment, and to safeguard that the US retains a technological advantage over other countries, according to a leaked memo from the White House’s National Security Council (NSC).

The memo and a associated slip deck, published yesterday by Axios, suggests that the Trump administration is deliberation a startling change from secretly operated networks to nationalized infrastructure. The display carries the title, “Secure 5G: The Eisenhower National Highway System for the Information Age.”

Industry run groups and all 5 members of the Federal Communications Commission have already criticized the suggestion, observant that the US should continue to rest on private attention and that carriers are already building 5G networks.

A government-run network could lift polite liberties concerns. Private mobile carriers have already been peaceful to help the National Security Agency control notice of Internet traffic, but a government-run network could eliminate the need to benefit team-work from private companies.


The reserve of US Internet users isn’t always the government’s top concern, as we’ve seen in a apart issue that pertains to consumer inclination rather than broadband networks. For years, US law coercion officials have been trying to convince Apple and other tech companies to break the encryption that keeps private communications private.

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