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Tillerson’s Promise of More War in Syria Gets Warm Reception From Corporate Media

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In a speech at Stanford this month, US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson announced that America intends to keep military troops in Syria indefinitely, in office of the US’s “key finish states for Syria,” including “post-Assad leadership,” the marginalization of Iran and the rejecting of “weapons of mass destruction” that the US claims Syria has.

Occupying a country but the permission of the horde government, as America is doing in Syria, contravenes general law. Nor does the US have a authorised right to pursue regime change in Syria. Yet mixed media outlets have praised Tillerson’s remarks.

Newsweek (1/19/18) ran an essay from the Atlantic Council’s Frederic Hof that called Tillerson’s debate “a major alleviation in the American proceed to the predicament in Syria.” The piece resolved that “what Mr. Tillerson has articulated is some-more than good adequate as a starting indicate for a policy reflecting American values and support American interests.”


The Washington Post editorial house (1/22/18) also permitted American defilement of general law, essay that:

Tillerson bluntly famous a law that both President Trump and President Barack Obama attempted to dodge: that “it is essential to the inhabitant invulnerability to say a military and tactful participation in Syria, to help bring an finish to that conflict, and support the Syrian people . . . to grasp a new domestic future.”

The same paper’s Jennifer Rubin (1/23/18) wrote:

Belatedly, Tillerson has famous (as critics of both Trump and President Barack Obama have prolonged argued) that we do have a inhabitant seductiveness in Syria, can't endure the unfixed participation of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad and need to commend that if we meant to check Iranian aggression, we will need to say a participation in Syria.

In Rubin’s conception, Iran’s participation in Syria—at the ask of the famous government—is “aggression,” since America’s is apparently legitimate.

The Atlantic (1/18/18) published a piece by Kori Schake, a self-identified believer of “regime change [and] long-term military commitments.” Schake called Tillerson’s speech:

both essential and fanciful. It was essential in that it gave a story of Syria’s gruesome war, settled clearly America’s seductiveness in continued impasse even as ISIS is defeated, and summarized policies unchanging with those interests. It was illusory in that the policies summarized would need a much larger magnitude of American impasse than has been in justification by this administration—or were committed in yesterday’s speech—to succeed.

For Schake, the problem isn’t that the idea of America’s Syria policy is to illegally occupy a country and overpower its government, while ratcheting up already dangerously high levels of feeling towards Iran and Russia. It’s that that the Trump administration isn’t doing adequate to grasp this.

Meanwhile, accounts of Tillerson’s debate on CNN (1/18/18) and Buzzfeed (1/18/18) opt not to make any anxiety to the deficiency of a authorised basement for what he describes. One of the few allusions of any kind to general law was a throwaway line in an AP report (1/24/18): “The Islamic State’s shelter also has forced the US to widen thinner its authorised motive for handling in Syria.” What that motive competence include of was not explained.

The Best Way to End War Is More War

Tillerson is proposing a progression and escalation of the fight in Syria. The Syrian supervision will not passively concede itself to be private by the US military, and conjunction will Syria’s allies from Russia, Iran and Hezbollah. So in practice, Tillerson’s policy means a wider, some-more dangerous conflict.

Yet the Newsweek piece (1/19/18) accepts that the devise is directed at formulating “conditions suitable for the return of refugees and internally replaced persons to their homes”—the conflicting of what fight produces.

Not only are media outlets unwell to residence the assault substantial in Tillerson’s policy, they are claiming the conflicting and treating it as a devise for assent in Syria. These articles do not explain how a US-led regime change fight will grasp that, instead of the years of fight and worker markets such policies brought to Libya, or the half million to a million civilians killed in Iraq.

Atlantic: America Quietly Starts Nation-Building in Parts of Syria

For The Atlantic (1/18/18), attempting to order a republic is called “nation building.”

These publications take for postulated that the US has a right to confirm who governs Syria. For example, an Atlantic essay by Paul McLeary (1/18/18) characterizes the US devise to say an occupying force in Syria and enforce the ouster of its supervision as “nation-building,” yet “nation-destroying” is substantially some-more apt.

The Washington Post (1/22/18), similarly, echoes Tillerson’s explain that if the US were to “abandon” Syria, it would be “repeat[ing] the mistake the United States done in Iraq,” when “a beforehand depart . . . allowed Al Qaeda in Iraq to tarry and eventually morph into ISIS.” The Post missed the probability that the US’s “mistake” in Iraq was invading in the first place, one effect of which was the birth of both Al Qaeda in Iraq and ISIS.

The paper also claims:

Critics predictably charge that Mr. Trump is rising another “endless war” in Syria. In fact, the administration has simply famous reality: The United States can't forestall a resurgence of Al Qaeda and the Islamic State, forestall Iran from building bases opposite Syria, or finish a polite fight that has sent millions of refugees toward Europe but progressing control over forces and domain inside the country.

The editors go on to write that the Trump administration “has rightly engrossed the doctrine that [America’s] way out [of Syria] starts with a critical and tolerable US commitment.”

In other words, the best way for the US to get out of Syria is to stay in Syria, and the best way to finish the fight in Syria is some-more fight in Syria.

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