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Three Staffers at Trump-Loving Sheriff’s Jail Charged in Dehydration Death of Prisoner

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Three staffers at the jail before run by Trump-loving Sheriff David Clarke have been charged for their role in the death of a restrained who died from dehydration back in 2016.

The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reports that Milwaukee County Sheriff’s Major Nancy Evans and two other staffers at the Milwaukee County Jail are confronting charges associated to the death of 38-year-old Terrill Thomas, a restrained who suffered from bipolar commotion and who died of dehydration scarcely two years ago.

According to prosecutors, Thomas was kept in unique capture in the jail for 7 days but water before he eventually died on Apr 24, 2016.


Court papers filed Monday showed that Evans has been charged with transgression bungle in bureau and interference an officer. Prosecutors in sold have singled Evans out for allegedly trying to hinder the review into Thomas’ death.

“Defendant Evans’ march of control during the review into Mr. Thomas’ death, of self-denial information from her superiors, fibbing to her supervisors, unwell to safety evidence, regularly fibbing to law coercion investigators and fibbing at the inquest, constituted bungle in open office,” the papers state.

David Clarke, a worried policeman famous for his advocacy of severe diagnosis of prisoners, quiescent last year after a rarely controversial reign as Milwaukee County Sheriff. Among other things, Clarke has accused Black Lives Matter of being obliged for the murders of police officers, while also blaming riots in his home city of Milwaukee on the “questionable lifestyle choices” of black residents there.

In Nov 2016, a former invalid at the Milwaukee County Jail filed a lawsuit alleging that her baby died after guards there refused to give her help as she went into labor.


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