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This is What Happens to Your Lungs if you Vape a Tide Pod (Yes, Really)

I didn’t trust it at first when health authorities were making warnings about people immoderate tide pods. we saw it start as a meme on Facebook, never illusory people would actually do it.

A child named JR finished an coming to the emergency room, both incompetent to breathe and unconscious (a very dangerous combination). For at slightest half an hour he had been in this state before his mom got him into the hospital.

He was found by his mother, laying on the building with his lips blue. It wasn’t that formidable for her to figure out what he had done. He had ingested the chemicals in Tide Pods, and finished the “Forbidden Fruit Challenge.” Apparently he had tried to burn them.

Apparently this was his lungs:


The child of 17 years, renamed to strengthen his identity, finished the unbelievably ignorant decision to play this thing that people now have the event to call “a social media game.” These kids are actually giving people who try to clear their existence as authorities every day, accurately what they need.

The child was hospitalized since of the outcome trying to burn a tide pod had on his lungs, as reported by a YouTube channel titled Chubbyemu. Did this child not investigate it at all?

Now the mainstream, or quasi-mainstream articles online are holding this lawful position they always take when something like this happens. Health officials are justifying their mostly nonessential existence (because for the many part, health officials do not actually forestall things like this, or even allot the right diagnosis in an epoch where curative chemicals are some-more hackneyed than vitamins and minerals).

One person named Dr. Bernard talked about a case where a child renamed “JR” ate 3 whole washing pods since of a dare.

Claims about this plea are being finished by sites such as IFL Science:

“The new trend, called the Forbidden Fruit Challenge, sees a organisation of people all similar to record themselves eating antiseptic pods and then uploading the footage to social media. Whoever gets the many likes on their video wins.”

Sounds unrealistic: but if the kids are really doing this, I’m ashamed.

A post shared by 5th Year (@5thyear) on Jan 11, 2018 at 6:55am PST

This Dr. Bernard pronounced that JR, in his own difference wanted to “experience the mass of washing pod season and turn Internet famous.” So he chewed up 3 washing pods at once.

“Immediately he felt a blazing prodigy rush up into his nose,” it was reported.

He then gifted a narcotic prodigy on his hold and lots of retching. He coughed, and some of the washing things went down his throat, while some went into his airway.

He was seething at the mouth before long, and then he gifted a blazing prodigy coming down his esophagus, as the glass approached his stomach.

This is full of cringe. What did he really consider would happen? That sh*t is so distant over toxic.

So fundamentally what is happening, is kids aren’t researching what they are trying to do. They aren’t doing any kind of investigate or suspicion before doing this, which is disturbing.

So they are used by medical professionals and health authorities, to make it seem as if people need the authorities. That’s because this continues to blow up in the media.

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