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This Could Be Why Many Mass Shooters Turn to Violence

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Mass shootings are getting some-more frequent—the Kentucky school sharpened this week is the 17th sharpened in 2018, an vast series deliberation we’re only one month into the year. As activists and legislators fight battles to order common-sense gun control laws, social scientists are still exploring the other doubt behind the magnitude of these tragedies. One new essay in American Behavioral Scientist finds a constrained new couple between mass shooters and narcissistic, assertive behavior.

Findings by Brad Bushman, a highbrow of communication and psychology at Ohio State University, contrariety with the widely viewed idea that mass killers tend to be shy types, pang from self-loathing and bad self-image. “It is a parable that assertive and aroused people humour from self-esteem,” Bushman told PsyPost. “They are much some-more likely to have narcissistic tendencies,” he explained. “Narcissists consider they are special people who merit special treatment. When they don’t get the honour they consider they deserve, they lash out at others in an assertive manner.”

As Eric Dolan writes for PsyPost, “Mass shootings are mostly preceded by the perpetrator being subjected to a ‘humiliating detriment of face,’ such being fired from work or deserted by a romantic partner.” That positively fits the form of many of the aroused men last year who gunned down their ex-partners and families and friends after a breakup. More widely, it creates clarity deliberation so many shooters are also perpetrators of domestic violence.


Bushman’s investigate does not indicate that all narcissists have aroused tendencies. But as he writes in his study, “After doing investigate on charge and assault for over 30 years we have come to the end that the many damaging faith people can have is the faith that they are higher to others (e.g., their religion, race or ethnicity, gender or gender identity, passionate orientation, domestic party or ideology, school, city, state, country, etc. is best). When people trust they are higher to others, they act very badly.”

Psychologists determine that we are stuck in a informative catch-22: we know that many mass shooters kill since they wish attention, nonetheless the consistent total coverage of shootings on 24-hour radio news, created media and radio gives copycat killers accurately the courtesy they are seeking. PsyPost records “that the superiority of mass shootings has risen in propinquity to the mass media coverage of them.” Bushman agrees that the media assists in perpetuating assault in this way. “One should equivocate mentioning the names of mass shooters or showing their photos,” he advised.

H/T: PsyPost

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