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This Conservative Is Trying to Use the #MeToo Movement to Ban Pornography

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New York Times columnist Ross Douthat thinks we should anathema pornography. Yes, it appears that he is serious.

In the mainstay published this weekend, Douthat attaches his evidence for censorship to the #MeToo movement. Douthat believes that new stories of men enchanting in passionate misconduct, if not always rapist behavior, suggests that they are getting their terrible and violent ideas from porn.

“[W]e are ostensible to be in the midst of a good passionate reassessment, a clearing-out of assumptions that offer misogyny and levy bad sex on semi-willing women,” he said. “And such a reassessment will be deficient if it never reconsiders the obey to the thought that many teenagers, many immature men especially, will get their sex preparation from online smut.”


It is demonstrably loyal that the porn attention has critical problems. Much publishing can be racist and sexist, and those employed in the sex attention can be theme to abuse or mistreatment. But observation porn only by the lens of attention disaster ignores the full picture. Some porn is done by and for women and LGBT people. 

Douthat addresses nothing of this, writing, “The faith that it should not be limited is a mistake; the faith that it can't be censored is a superstition.” 

Libertarian blogger Tyler Cowen seems to agree that porn would be worth banning, but thinks such a anathema would be unworkable. The editors at Newser seem to side with Douthat.

Even in the age of Trump, with a boss accused of profitable hush income to a porn star to censor an affair, conservatives continue to find ways to shame sex and welcome censorship.

Cody Fenwick is a contributor and editor. Follow him on Twitter @codytfenwick.

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