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This Alex Jones Parody Is So Good, Infowars Is Having a Fit Over It

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Honestly, it’s pretty easy to fun Alex Jones. The gravel-voiced, vein-popping, conspiracy-theorist leader of his own mini media sovereignty and health-supplement sales height is so impossibly over the top that he lends himself to it. So hyperbolically buffoonish is the horde that you infrequently have to consternation if his whole open participation isn’t some kind of Andy Kaufmanesque art plan critiquing complicated broadcasting. Indeed, it may be.

The palliate to which Jones lends himself to satire, however, doesn’t make the web series “Lil’ Alex Jones” from Cafe any reduction enjoyable. Starring a quite feisty child, the mini-show zeroes in on Jones’ outsized peevishness which, let’s face it, is only significantly opposite from that of a pre-teen in its theme matter.

Here, Lil’ Alex Jones confronts the evils of Flintstones Chewable Vitamins, censorship at the book fair, his stepdad, Mark, and whatever murky gang of illuminati is secretly pouring pee into his bedsheets. The tinge is perfect, as is Lil’ Alex Jones’ consistent hawking of snake-oil supplements, one of which is guaranteed to bring on adolesence in children as immature as nine.


Take a demeanour below.


Good stuff, right?

Indeed, so good is this things that Alex Jones’ swindling and alleged plagiarism portal has left forward and done a aim of Lil’ Alex Jones and crew.

In a post titled, “Video: Lefty Parody Backfires, Pushes Gen Z to Conservatism” (in all caps, of course), Infowars writer Jamie White writes, “The Left once again proves it can’t meme with ‘Lil Alex Jones’ show.” Exactly when or how the left ceded its lead in the narrow-minded Meme Race is not explained.

Perhaps rather surprisingly, White’s post is almost wholly factual. Really, he spends some-more time embedding clips of “Lil’ Alex Jones” than anything else. Proof that Cafe’s videos are formulating a shift towards worried politics in the 22-and-under set is not forthcoming.

“The Left has been trying to attack Alex Jones and Infowars with a innumerable of fun shows,” he writes, “including Comedy Central’s ‘The Opposition With Jason Keppler’ [sic] and ‘Patriothole’ by satirical website Clickhole.” The last instance isn’t a TV show, but don’t let this be the first time that contribution get in the way of a good Infowars argument.

This again is true. He also states that “over the summer, YouTubers SuperDeluxe attempted to allegation Jones with a Bon Iver fun strain that has given left viral and is now a mega meme,” a anxiety that contradicts his prior text.

Now, at first blush, it appears that Lil’ Alex has struck a clever adequate haughtiness that Jones and Infowars, depressed and sullen, felt the need to lash out. Then again, given that White doesn’t actually do much other than offer readers clips of the Cafe creation, maybe it’s a sign that someone in Jones’ stay enjoys the fun as much as we do and wanted to share it. It’s misleading at this time.


Gabriel Bell is Salon’s emissary enlightenment editor. Follow him on Twitter at @GabrielJBell.

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