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‘The View’ Hosts Shut S. E. Cupp Down for Using Monica Lewinsky to Divert from Trump Scandal

Photo Credit: ABC

Conservative commentator S. E. Cupp met unbending insurgency from many of the panelists on ABC’s “The View” on Friday when she pronounced that people who are home on President Donald Trump’s purported liaison with adult film star Stormy Daniels should be giving equal time to Monica Lewinsky.

“Don’t you wish her on the show?” co-host Joy Behar asked about Daniels. “I wish her here.”

Daniels, pronounced Cupp, is “playing the palm she was dealt. What bothers me, though, in giving her this platform, Monica Lewinsky was held having an event with a president. Who’s going to talk her? I’d adore to see someone her. Her life was ruined.”


“She’s been interviewed a hundred times,” pronounced Behar. “She’s been on this show.”

In fact, Lewinsky was deliberate for a co-host slot on “The View” in 2015.

“But Bill Clinton isn’t the boss anymore,” pronounced Sunny Hostin. “The boss is Donald Trump, so it’s much some-more applicable at the very least.”

Cupp pronounced that until “the left” answers for how former President Bill Clinton’s accusers were treated, “you can’t contend he’s not boss anymore.”

Bill Clinton stepped down at the finish of his term in January of 2001 when President George W. Bush was inaugurated.

Watch the video, embedded below:

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