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The Thrustmaster T-GT is a great—if expensive—wheel for the PS4

As Ars’ proprietor racer, we mostly get asked what steering circle people should buy for racing games. And for the past few years, my default answer has been to conduct to Logitech. The G29 (for Playstation 4) or the G920 (for the Xbox One) have been out for a while now, and they offer a good change of affordability and immersiveness.

But not everybody uses the same criteria to collect such things; after all, would Lee Hutchinson be calm to play Elite: Dangerous with just a janky old Logitech Extreme 3D Pro? If you play a lot of Gran Turismo Sport and are looking for something a tier above the G29, it’s time to check out the Thrustmaster T-GT. With an MSRP of $799.99, it’s not the cheapest way to play GT Sport, but deals are available—right now on Amazon, it’s $689.72—and you do get a peculiarity product for your hard-earned credits.

What’s in the box?

In further to the leather-wrapped circle rim, you also get a compact-but-hefty wheelbase, which contains a 40W linear brushless motor, a set of pedals (with clutch, brake, and accelerator), and an outmost energy supply. Setup for the PS4 is remarkably easy—lightyears reduction frustrating than trying to fire up a Fanatec setup by comparison. Unbox the bits, insert the circle edge to the base, mountain it all on a table (with some trustworthy clamps) or a circle mount (via two screws),and  then block in the pedals, the power, and bond it to the PS4 around USB.


One word of advice: if you are an simpleton like me, you’ll find it’s probable to bond the energy wire rotated 90 degrees counterclockwise from its tangible orientation. This should have been apparent from looking at it delicately (see the photo in the gallery), but since it’s a four-pin block design, you can put it in wrong and then consternation because zero is happening. Don’t be like me!

Assuming you’re not a finish dope and block all in right, the circle will self-calibrate when connected. If you’re personification GT Sport, you’re now prepared to go. For other games, there’s a slider on the reduce left front of the bottom which you’ll wish to switch to “Other.” That should make the circle show up as a Thrustmaster T-300. You can also diminution the volume of revolution from the default 1080 degrees by dire the “Mode” symbol along with the left or right D-pad at the same time; it will also concede 900, 720, 540, and 360 degrees. If you wish to tweak things more, the circle (which is PC-compatible) can be configured around a PC using the Thrustmaster control panel. As a quite console gamer with a residence full of Macs, this wasn’t something we tested.

Optimized for Gran Turismo Sport

Thrustmaster grown the T-GT privately for Gran Turismo Sport, something that should be immediately apparent when you see the circle edge and its vast GT trademark on the boss. At first glance, the circle looks flattering complicated, but the pattern is actually very intuitive. Obviously, you spin the edge to drive your car. And behind the circle are the two paddleshifters for changing gear. On the front of the circle you’ll find an array of buttons and controls that concede you full control of the PS4. L2 and R2 should be obvious, as should the D-pad (on the left spoke), the square/triangle/circle/cross buttons (on the right spoke), and the PS symbol (on the bottom spoke). SH is mapped to take a screenshot, and OP is the option button. On possibly side of the circle boss are a span of mini-sticks, which replicate those on the PS controller.

Where things get engaging for GT Sport are the 4 rotary selectors. Each has a conflicting color, and any is mapped to control a conflicting aspect of the game’s multifunction display, which lets you tweak certain automobile settings on the fly while you’re racing. Top left is green, and this one changes the car’s fuel map from abounding to lean. It’s not always available, just in longer races where fuel expenditure and array stops are a factor.

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