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The (still) capricious state of video diversion streaming online

In Sep of last year, the developer of Firewatch released a DMCA takedown against now barbarous YouTuber PewDiePie after he used a secular offence during a live stream of another title. The occurrence didn’t make headlines only since of PewDiePie’s form or the fact that the diversion Firewatch wasn’t directly involved—this also represented a singular instance of authorised rights being asserted between diversion builder and diversion streamer.

As much as video games are an interactive medium, in new years an whole stage has grown out of people such as PewDiePie streaming video games online. Be it live streaming on Twitch, or Let’s Plays or other forms of video calm on YouTube, gaming has left from just something players do at home, to something that they also watch other people do online.

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