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The Role Of Aluminum In Changing Human Biology To Accept The Ionized Atmosphere We Live In: Part 1 Vaccines

By Catherine J. Frompovich

Is there something so “in the faces” going on that we don’t commend it for what it is, and apparent distributed and long-range motives?  What I’m articulate about is the entire participation of aluminum, aka aluminium.

Aluminum is series 13 on the Periodic Table of Elements and creates up about 8 percent of the Earth’s crust, the only place where it truly belongs.  Furthermore, it is not as dead as accord scholarship in several sciences, generally pharmacology and medicine, would like us to believe.  More and more, medical investigate is indicating to its import in executive shaken complement repairs and diseases inspiring the brain such as Dementia, Alzheimer’s and Autism.  Biochemically, aluminum is famous as a neurotoxin, which does not go in the human body, but is anticipating its way there from several innovative sources and applications humans should be doubt intensely closely, in my opinion.

Aluminum is a good thermal and electrical conductor, which substantially is given it’s being used even for oblique reasons, I suspect, such as conductivity to change the atmosphere with the vigilant of creation humans into what eventually will turn transhumans—a new breed—based  on transhumanism science—a cranky between record and Homo sapiens.  Does that sound “off the wall”?  Well, given is aluminum so thorough in the new atmosphere being combined by weather geoengineering, aka “chemtrails,” ionospheric heaters aka HAARPs, and in vaccines given to infants within 24 hours of birth?

There are a few dots to be connected, which I’m going to try to do with this series of 3 reports.


Speaking of vaccines and very immature children, we delved into the aluminum calm of vaccines formulating Excel spreadsheets and other collection to come up with the following information about the several formulations of aluminum that are enclosed in vaccine manufacture.

First and foremost, aluminum in vaccines is not ‘fake news’; the U.S. CDC website papers its participation in vaccines:

Aluminum is benefaction in U.S. childhood vaccines that forestall hepatitis A, hepatitis B, diphtheria-tetanus-pertussis (DTaP, Tdap), Haemophilus influenzae form b (Hib), human papillomavirus (HPV) and pneumococcus infection.   [Vaccine Adjuvants Page]

Number 2:  The above vaccines are given starting within 24 hours of birth (Hepatitis B) and at 2, 4 and 6 month “well baby” alloy visits.  Here’s the vaccine report up to 18 months of age.

2 months

DTaP: Diphtheria, tetanus, and acellular pertussis vaccine; Hib: Haemophilus influenzae form b vaccine; IPV: Inactivated poliovirus vaccine; PCV: Pneumococcal conjugate vaccine; RV: Rotavirus vaccine

4 months


6 months

DTaP; Hib: This third sip may be needed, depending on the code of vaccine used in prior Hib immunizations; PCV; RV: This third sip may be needed, depending on the code of vaccine

6–18 months

Hep B; IPV

However, in doing my analysis, we combined and took my Excel spreadsheets by to 18 years of age to embody all vaccines containing any form of aluminum, e.g., Al hydroxide, Al phosphate, amorphous aluminum hydroxyphosphate, amorphous aluminum hydroxyphosphate sulfate and Al salts, which we found in the executive vaccine package inserts vaccine manufacturers must yield and are posted online.  Section 11 of every vaccine package insert indicates the apportion of aluminum, and other ingredients, in vaccine formulations.

Since there are countless code vaccines for DTaP, IPV, Hep A, Hep B, HPV and Tdap, we had to digest a extensive process for aluminum calculation that would be as thorough as probable deliberation infants may accept opposite name code vaccines with incompatible amounts of Al, depending on the administering physician’s choice.

What we came up with was this: Calculating the volume of sum aluminum a child would accept until 18 years of age if he/she perceived the highest aluminum calm vaccine brand in DTaP, IPV, Hep A, Hep B, HPV, and Tdap vaccines to be given, and including all those vaccines where there was only one vaccine code to be administered.

I ran the very same calculation if a child perceived the lowest aluminum content in the above 6 vaccine choices, and enclosed all the vaccines that were the only code available.  The numbers we got are…. I’ll leave that up to you to report what we should call them.  “Shocking,” for starters!

From day one of life until 18 years of age, a child receiving vaccines containing the highest amounts of Al, but for only 1 vaccine code in any of the above 6 groups of mixed code vaccines, we got 20,850 mcg or 20.85 mg of aluminum.

From day one of life until 18 years of age, a child receiving vaccines containing the lowest amounts of Al, but for only 1 vaccine code in any of the above 6 groups of mixed code vaccines, we got 10,940 mcg or 10.94 mg of aluminum.

No matter how you cut or bones the above numbers, 20.85 mg of Al versus 10.94 mg of Al portends health problems!

The last two generations of U.S. kids just may turn early insanity patients, in my opinion.  Those amounts of Al, which many humans can't detoxify due to certain mitochondrial issues, are able of doing some critical neurological damage, generally at a many unprotected time: Right out of the womb to 18 months of age when all the ‘well baby revisit vaccines’ filled with Al are administered—a time when baby’s brain and defence system, and other organs, are not entirely grown and baby can’t detoxify the chemical and lead wickedness being hypodermically-injected into baby’s body!  That should be deliberate child abuse, not surety ‘healthcare’ to settle “community immunity”!

F. William Engdahl has this to contend about what’s going on:

There is a story that has been deeply buried by major general media. As it papers a unusual blast of instances of child autism in the last decade in China, together with the adoption of WHO-recommended tot vaccination programs, it provides a chilling denote of how corrupt curative majors and institutions such as the World Health Organization mix on an bulletin that has little to do with improving the health of human beings. For those of you meddlesome in my longer contention of these issues in the context of an bulletin of eugenics modernized by successful circles internationally, we strongly suggest my best-selling book, Seeds of Destruction: The Hidden Agenda of Genetic Manipulation.

Society is witnessing some of the neurological repairs early on in life, we contend, in diagnoses such as: ADD, ADHD, Autism and other neurological and/or executive shaken complement anomalies, e.g., ticks, seizures and epilepsy.  Authorities dealt with lead paint issues, but we still have neurological problems in kids.  Aluminum and mercury are neurological toxins!  Both are vaccine mixture given to children!

However, in my investigate of Al in children’s vaccines, we did not embody the prenatal vaccines a fetus’s mom receives during pregnancy—something rather ‘recent’ in medicine and not entirely vetted around double-blind studies, from what we know.  The volume of Al which crosses the placenta would not be easy to guestimate.  we also did not embody the HepA/HepB  Twinrix® combination vaccine with 0.45 mg of aluminum phosphate and aluminum hydroxide, given it is not mandated, but optional, and all children may not accept Twinrix®.

Is there some-more to vaccines than “meets the eye,” including given there’s a draconian pull to immunize every human being from birth to death?

Enter the epoch of DNA vaccines, which the MMR probably was one of the first such vaccines, given nothing are ostensible to be authorized for human use, only veterinary use!  When did the multiple MMR vaccine first get introduced?  In 1971 and inauspicious reactions started to manifest. In the 1980s vaccine manufacturers threatened to stop producing vaccines given of the liabilities they were incurring, so Congress gave them The National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act (NCVIA) of 1986 (42 U.S.C. §§ 300aa-1 to 300aa-34), an act exonerating vaccine makers from any authorised or financial guilt for their damaging vaccines that was sealed into law Nov 14, 1986.  Vaccine makers have left hog-wild introducing all forms of vaccines ever given with close to 300 new vaccines now in prolongation pipelines.

What is a DNA vaccine?

According to Wikipedia,

DNA vaccination is a technique for safeguarding against illness by injection with genetically engineered DNA so cells directly furnish an antigen, producing a protecting immunological response. DNA vaccines have intensity advantages over required vaccines, including the ability to satisfy a wider operation of defence response types. Source

Note an antigen is constructed not immunity. Furthermore, what species’ DNA is genetically engineered and placed into vaccines that are inoculated into children and adults?

Immunity only can be obtained by healthy contraction, i.e., recovering from a engaged infectious disease and the defence complement establishes life-long healthy shield as a outcome with females able of flitting on immunities to their infants at birth.  That does not occur with vaccines; so the reason for upholder shots!

Coincidentally, was Dr. Andrew Wakefield professionally eviscerated given he suggested singular valent vaccines? Did Dr. Wakefield predict what DNA vaccines could do to mistreat infants and children?  Did his co-authored paper have to be retracted and professionally neutralized given it was a genuine hazard to the biotech attention that was gearing up to change humans, their DNA and the stream pull toward transhumanism using vaccines and their ‘magic needles’?  That somehow harks back to flashbacks of World War II epoch Nazi investigate to create the ideal Aryan race!

Furthermore, is there an aspect to the vaccine dark bulletin that may be racially or ethnically motivated? given CDC epidemiologist and whistleblower William Thompson, PhD, came onward to hold the MMR vaccine was obliged for causing autism in immature black males under 3 years of age, but the CDC destined Thompson and his co-researchers not to embody that impending element in their 2004 report on autism and vaccines. Those CDC researchers physically broken the evidence.  However, Dr. Thompson kept his files, which he incited over to U.S. Congressman Bill Posey of Florida, who has asked for an review several years now, but nothing ever has taken place.  WHY?  Can it be collusion to cover up the scholarship rascal that’s pervasive at the CDC and FDA?

Well, here’s some information from the past, which presumably could indicate toward the future:

BALTIMORE, Apr 1, 2015 /PRNewswire/ — Over 750 victims have sued The Rockefeller Foundation, the Johns Hopkins Hospital, the Johns Hopkins University, The Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, and the Johns Hopkins Health System Corporation, alleging that they were the pushing force behind human experiments in which unprotected populations of Guatemalans were cheated and intentionally unprotected to syphilis, gonorrhea and other venereal diseases and pathogens, but giving any sensitive consent. [….]

 [Is the same going on currently per sensitive agree and vaccines?]

Researchers subjected the Guatemalans to steady blood draws, lumbar punctures and cisternal punctures of the suboccipital apportionment of the brain, gynecological examinations, touching and invasion of passionate organs, and forced or coerced passionate contact.  

Key Rockefeller and Johns Hopkins researchers concerned in the Guatemala Experiments, were also behind the now barbarous Tuskegee experiments, in which 600 bankrupt African-American sharecroppers were never sensitive they had syphilis, and were given placebos rather than genuine medicine.  The researchers watched while the examination subjects squandered divided and putrescent their wives and children with the disease. The Tuskegee experiments were halted after being unprotected by a whistleblower.

[Whistleblowers NOW are cursed to jail terms!]

The case has been filed in the Circuit Court in Baltimore City, Maryland.  The victims are represented by 3 law firms: Meridian 361 International Law Group, PLLC of Portland, Maine; Escritorio Juridico Rodriguez Fajardo y Asociados of Caracas, Republica Bolivariana de Venezuela; and Salsbury, Clements, Bekman, Marder Adkins of Baltimore, Maryland. 

For some-more information:

F. R. Jenkins, Esq., Meridian 361 International Law Group, PLLC, www.meridian361.com, jenkins@meridian361.com, Tel. + 1 866-338-7087.

Juan Pablo Rodriguez, Esq., Escritorio Juridico Rodriguez Fajardo y Asociados of Caracas, Republica Bolivariana de Venezuela, www.rodriguezfajardolaw.com, j.rodriguez@rodriguezfajardolaw.com, Tel. + 58-212-720-1480, + 58-212-541-3831, + 502-227-87027

Paul Bekman, Esq., Salsbury, Clement, Bekman, Marder Adkins, www.scbmalaw.com, bekman@scbmalaw.com, Tel.+ 1 410-215-9289. 


Why such a accordant authorised action, as undertaken above, has not been filed per the large vaccine examination now going on in the USA for decades, and globally at the insistence of the Gates Foundation, is over belief!

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