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The Point: Where is Our Faith?


Our wish lies elsewhere. For the Colson Center, I’m John Stonestreet with The Point.

As we pronounced recently on BreakPoint, Christians can’t be resourceful about holding the leaders accountable for improprieties.

Ignoring or dismissing bungle by a personality who’s “on the side,” shows a miss of faith. No election can change the rock-solid law that Christ is risen, Christ is Lord, and He will revive all things.

In a new WORLD Magazine article, Marvin Olasky rightly pronounced that “if we act (selectively)… as feminists acted toward Bill Clinton, we need to consider about the summary we’re promulgation the children: Some are final that regressive evangelicals caring some-more about domestic energy than anything else . . . what if we win an election but remove a generation?”

Olasky concludes, “More critical than any sold election, some-more critical even than the informative direction, is the gospel . . . Our idea should be to worship God and enjoy Him forever, not to desert executive Biblical beliefs per women’s worth, or to worship a politician and win a Senate seat.”


Amen to that.

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