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The Point: The Minister of What?


A supervision apportion of what? For the Colson Center, I’m John Stonestreet with The Point.

Over a century ago, Abraham Kuyper introduced the judgment of globe sovereignty: the thought that God has consecrated any establishment and its creation—government, church, family, etc, to work within certain bounds of authority.

Now these days, of all the institutions, the supervision is many likely to exceed its boundaries, generally when other institutions have ceded the field.

In Britain, for example, the supervision has now determined a “minister of loneliness” to fight a critical and flourishing health problem. And loneliness is a critical and flourishing health problem in the West.  Loneliness is serious: it can lead to a larger risk of depression, cardiovascular disease, anxiety, and dementia. It’s no consternation that in the iPhone age the problem is getting worse.

But folks, because isn’t there a “minister of loneliness” in St. Dunstan’s Anglican Church? Or at First Baptist here at home?


I’m not pooh-poohing the British government’s frank efforts, but no supervision is versed to fight loneliness. The church, however, is. We’ve got the answer for the lonely: an invitation to fellowship, and to the marriage repast of the Lamb. So let’s extend that invitation.


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